Pairing SHIELD TV to Your Gamestream PC

  • Open the NVIDIA Games app and go to My library > GameStream to find your GameStream PC on your network.
My Library
  • You may be prompted to log in with your NVIDIA account if you haven't already done so.  

  • If you have signed into NVIDIA games on your SHIELD and GeForce Experience using the same NVIDIA account, your devices will automatically be paired.
  • Optional Pin Pairing:  If you are logged into different NVIDIA accounts between your GeForce Experience PC and SHIELD, you can still pair the two.  Go to Settings > GameStream PCs and select the PC you want to pair your SHIELD with.  You will be shown a 4 digit security code on your TV.  Enter the same 4 digit security code on your PC and they will be paired.

Enable screen
  • Once pairing is complete, your SHIELD and PC will remember the connection.  If you want to connect your SHIELD to a new PC, or a new SHIELD device to the existing PC, you will need to perform these steps again.