Set Gamestream Resolution

GameStream will automatically select the highest resolution to stream based on GPU and home network conditions. You may experience reduced streaming resolutions if your network cannot maintain the connection speed between your SHIELD and PC. Refer to the RECOMMENDED SHIELD TV SETUP guide on how to improve your network.  

If you prefer streaming at a specific resolution and refresh rate.

  • Open the NVIDIA Games app  

  • Open Settings >  [GAMING PC NAME]

  • Select Show advanced options

  • Select QUALITY


By default the Resolution is set to Auto. You can force GameStream to one of the following modes.  

  • *2160p@60Hz  (4K)
  • *2160p@30Hz  (4K)
  • 1080p@60Hz  
  • 1080p@30Hz  
  • 720p@60Hz  
  •  720p@30Hz  

Requires Maxwell based GeForce GTX based GPU or higher


You may also set your maximum bitrate. By default, this is set to Auto. Lower bitrates will reduce streaming quality but may reduce dropped frames or packets.