Recommended Shield Tv Setup

Home Network Configuration

GameStream plays best if your SHIELD TV is connected to your Gaming PC through a fast local network to reduce streaming latency and dropped frames. You do not need fast internet access to use GameStream in your home. GameStream at home relies on your local network.

NVIDIA recommends the following:

  • BEST – SHIELD TV and PC connected via wired Ethernet: Connect SHIELD TV and your GTX Gaming PC directly to your home network via Gigabit Ethernet. Most new Wi-Fi routers support Gigabit Ethernet speeds. If you are using an older router or an ISP provided router that does not support Gigabit Ethernet, consider upgrading to a newer router or purchasing a Gigabit switch. This configuration is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for GameStream 4K.

  • GOOD – Either SHIELD TV or PC connected via wired Ethernet: Ideally, both the PC and SHIELD TV are connect via Ethernet to the same network switch or hub. However, having even one device connected via Ethernet, will deliver a better GameStream experience. Connecting via 5GHz to an 802.11ac router is highly recommended.

  • MINIMUM – SHIELD TV and PC connected via 5GHz 802.11ac Wi-Fi

“Gaming Mode” Display Setting

Many TV’s have a picture display mode for “Gaming” for lower input latency. The lower the input delay is, the more responsive your controls will feel.  If your controls feel laggy or sluggish, check your TV’s display settings to see if there is a “Gaming” mode you can enable.

For more information on input latency for your particular display, you can visit

Enabling HDR for GameStream

To GameStream HDR ready games from your PC to your HDR TV, your SHIELD and your TV must be configured properly to display HDR-10 content.  If you are experiencing issues, review our SHIELD TV user’s guide on how to set up and enable HDR.  

NOTE:  HDR GameStream is only supported when a game has been automatically detected and launched from NVIDIA Games.  HDR GameStream is not supported if launched via Steam Big Picture at this time or if the app has been manually added to GameStream list in the GeForce Experience client.

Surround Sound GameStream

GameStream supports 5.1 surround sound. To enable this feature, your SHIELD must be connected to a surround sound TV, AV receiver, or soundbar. Your game must have surround sound support and be configured for surround audio as well. Check for a “surround sound” option in the in-game settings or control panel.