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Gear Up for 4K Resolution for SOLIDWORKS with NVIDIA Quadro

The HD-to-4K transition presents an exciting opportunity for designers and engineers to dramatically enhance their CAD experience. The cost of a 4K resolution display is trending down and, whether you're working in 2D or 3D, the significantly higher screen resolution (4x HD) enables superior image quality, larger visual workspace, and greater productivity.

Benefits of 4K Resolution for SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS engineers can now maximize the benefits of 4K resolution without sacrificing interactive performance in their design workflow with the help of an NVIDIA Quadro® discrete graphics card:

  • Higher Image Quality - crisper, more detailed images of your designs with 4x HD resolution, even at high zoom levels
  • Higher Productivity - expansive desktop space with larger monitors at higher image quality
  • Greater Scalability - interactive performance across visual styles and the ability to easily scale up to interactive photorealistic rendering or simulation of your designs

Video: Why 4K for CAD? (3:10)

Video: Why 4K for CAD?

Gear up for 4K SOLIDWORKS