NVIDIA Quadro: BFP Mechanical Visual

The NVIDIA AutoCAD Performance Driver provides optimal performance for AutoCAD® 2011, 2010, and 2009 software with NVIDIA Quadro® and Quadro FX professional graphics solutions. Developed in close collaboration with Autodesk, the AutoCAD Performance Driver is a complimentary software driver for AutoCAD capable of delivering dramatic performance improvements (of up to 10X on some tests) over native drivers or consumer graphics.

Known limitations with AutoCAD 2011:
  • The “Advanced Material Effects” option introduced with AutoCAD 2011 is not currently supported by the NVIDIA AutoCAD Performance Driver. The setting controlling this graphics mode (in the Manual Performance Tuning dialog accessed by the GraphicsConfig command) is grayed-out when the Performance Driver is active.
  • Procedural Materials and Maps introduced with AutoCAD 2011 will only display with the material’s diffuse color.
  • Materials and Maps used in drawings coming from earlier AutoCAD versions are supported as they would have displayed in AutoCAD 2010.
Recent Enhancements:
  • The AutoCAD Performance Driver now supports the presence of NVIDIA Tesla products, when running alongside an NVIDIA Quadro or Quadro FX product.

NVIDIA AutoCAD Performance Driver
Image courtesy of DGF Design Studio Associato Di Architectura E Design
For AutoCAD 2011, 2010, 2009
XP 32-bit/64-bit, Vista 32-bit/64-bit
Release Date: 2/4/2011

Download Now XP/Vista/Win7 32-bit version
Download Now XP/Vista/Win7 64-bit version

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