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NVIDIA CUDA 7.5 for MAC OS X release




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Operating System:

Mac OS


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40.3 MB


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Supported products
Additional information
New Release 7.5.26

  • CUDA driver update to support MAC OS X 10.11.4 and NVIDIA display driver 346.03.06f01
Recommended CUDA version(s):

  • CUDA 7.5
Supported MAC OS X

  • 10.11.x
  • 10.10.x
  • 10.9.x
An alternative method to download the latest CUDA driver is within Mac OS environment.  Access the latest driver through System Preferences > Other > CUDA.  Click 'Install CUDA Update'
Supports all NVIDIA products available on Mac HW.

Note: this driver does not support the older generation GPUs with compute capability 1.x. To find out the compute capability of your GPU, consult the following links: