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Quadro FX 380 LP

Get more than 2X higher professional graphics performance over consumer graphics cards with the NVIDIA® Quadro® FX 380 LP.

Built for Professionals™ and designed for desktop and small form factor systems, NVIDIA® Quadro® FX 380 LP provides more than 2X higher professional graphics performance over consumer graphics cards¹. Featuring the NVIDIA® CUDA™ parallel computing architecture and certified on leading CAD and DCC applications, Quadro FX 380 LP meets stringent performance and reliability requirements, while staying within budget.

AutoCAD Design Up to 10X Faster Graphics Performance in AutoCAD Versus Consumer Graphics2
10X faster model rotation for 3D Hidden and 3D Conceptual Visual Styles in AutoCAD 2009.

Energy and Space Efficient
Entry-level professional graphics performance with the flexibility to support desktop and small form factor systems.
Image courtesy of Autodesk

Ace NVIDIA Application Configuration Engine (ACE)
Automatically adjusts graphics settings for optimized application performance from the start, minimizing time wasted by manually adjusting settings.

Power Efficiency for Reduced Cost
Power saving techniques enables EnergyStar compliant workstations to efficiently manage power consumption, without sacrificing performance.

Designed, Tested, and Built by NVIDIA
Meets ultra high standards of quality assurance for reduced system downtime.
Energy Star

1 Viewperf 10 Geomean comparison to GeForce GTS 250
2 AutoCAD2009 running Cadalyst 2008 Benchmark, Vista 64, Quadro FX 380 LP with Performance Driver vs GeForce GTS 250