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Linux Display Driver Version 185.18.36

Version: 185.18.36
Release Date: 2009.8.21
Operating System: Linux 32-bit
Language: English (US)
File Size: 21.63 MB

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Additional information
  • Fixed a bug that caused kernel panics when starting X on some mobile GPUs.
  • Fixed an interaction problem between VDPAU and PowerMizer when using VDPAU solely as a display mechanism, and not to decode video streams. The GPU performance level should now be raised, if required, in this scenario.
  • Fixed VDPAU to avoid "display preemption" in some cases where a VdpOutputSurface is deleted while it is still active (either queued or visible) in a VdpPresentationQueue. In particular, this can occur in MPlayer when using the "-fs" option, and could completely prevent VDPAU from operating successfully, depending on the exact timing conditions.