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Quadro Desktop Driver Release 450

Version: R450 U1 (451.48)  WHQL
Release Date: 2020.6.24
Operating System: Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019
Language: English (US)
File Size: 380.8 MB

Release Highlights
Supported products
Additional information
Release 450 is an 'Optimal Drivers for Enterprise' (ODE) branch release. ODE branches are designed and tested to provide long-term stability and availability, making drivers from these branches ideal for enterprise customers and other users requiring application and hardware certification.

Quadro ODE drivers are a superset of the NVIDIA Studio Drivers and provide all the benefits of the Studio Driver, in addition to Quadro-specific enhancements and testing.

What’s New in Version 450 U1

  • RTX-Powered Creative App Updates.
    This driver is validated against the latest GPU-accelerated creative app releases including the following.
    • V-Ray 5 GPU
      Adds out-of-core geometry support for working with large scenes.
    • Corel Painter 2021
      Includes 2x increase in GPU-accelerated brush engines.
    • Substance Alchemist
      Adds AI to the Image to Material feature.
    • Blender Cycles
      Adds AI to denoiser.
    • Premiere Pro
      Adds hardware encoding using NVIDIA Encoder.
  • Added support for Windows 10 Version 2004 (May 2020 Update).
    Includes support for Hardware Scheduling.
  • Added support for CUDA 11.0.
  • Added support for DirectX 12 Ultimate.
    Includes support for the following technologies:
    • DirectX Raytracing 1.1
    • Variable Rate Shading
    • Mesh Shaders
    • Sampler Feedback
  • Added support for Vulkan swapgroups on single and multiple GPU configurations (see R451.48 Release Notes for limitations).
  • NVIDIA Control Panel – “Run with graphics processor” control is not available starting with Windows 10 Version 2004 (May 2020 Update).
  • Added security updates for driver components.
    See the NVIDIA Security Bulletin 5031 for details.

Limitations in Version 450 U1

  • Mosaic and Sync Features Users of Mosaic and Sync features are advised to remain on the NVIDIA Quadro R440 driver branch.

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