NVIDIA GPUs Accelerate Dassault Systèmes SIMULIA’s Abaqus/Standard FEA Solver

NVIDIA and SIMULIA, the Dassault Systèmes brand for Realistic Simulation, have collaborated to deliver the power of GPU computing for Abaqus customers. Available since Abaqus 6.11 release, NVIDIA GPU acceleration enables faster results for more efficient computation and job turnaround times, delivering more license utilization for the same investment.

Performance studies by NVIDIA clearly demonstrate the performance/$ value of GPU computing. GPUs provide savings in time, costs, and free up CPU resources for other tasks. The new NVIDIA® Quadro® GV100 combines unprecedented double precision performance with 32 GB of high-bandwidth memory (HBM2), so users can conduct simulations during the design process and gather realistic multi-physics simulations faster than ever before.

"Customers count on Dassault Systèmes' simulation tools to easily create often massively detailed models, while minimizing cost and inefficiencies. We have seen significant acceleration of our Abaqus FEA software simulations on the new Quadro GP100, which helps unify traditional design and simulation workflows, and are eager for our customers tap into its power to gain a competitive advantage."

-- Sumanth Kumar, Vice President, Growth, SIMULIA, Dassault Systèmes

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Innovate Faster with GPU-Accelerated Abaqus FEA:

> Abaqus 2016 for structural response simulations

> Abaqus presentations at the SIMULIA Community Conferences (SCC):

> Graphics devices for Abaqus/CAE 2016, CAE environment for modeling of components and assemblies (pre-processing) and visualizating the simulation results (post-processing).

> Abaqus presentations at the GTC 2012 and NAFEMS 2011 World Congress:

Performance studies conducted by NVIDIA and SIMULIA on a broad range of customer models (model size measured by Floating Point Operations) showed marked performance improvements using the latest Abaqus releases:

Abaqus is used on a single node with 2 Intel E5-2660 cpus (16 cores), 2 NVIDIA Tesla K20m GPUs, 128 Gb memory (Data Courtesy: SIMULIA)


Recommended Professional Products
The powerful GPU computing capabilities in Abaqus were developed on NVIDIA Tesla and Quadro GPU computing products and require the use of recent CUDA-capable NVIDIA GPUs, such as the Tesla K-series products, and supporting CUDA v3.1 or above ( learn more).

Tesla and Quadro GPU computing products are designed to deliver the highest computational performance with the most reliable numerical accuracy, and are available and supported by the world's leading professional system manufacturers.

Tesla Benefits
Highest Computational Performance
> High-speed double precision operations
> Large dedicated memory
> CUDA-Accelerated math libraries
> High-speed bi-directional PCIe communication
> NVIDIA GPUDirect™ with InfiniBand
Most Reliable
> ECC memory
> Rigorous stress testing
> Abaqus QA testing
Best Supported
> Professional support network
> Large and growing developer community
> OEM system integration
> Long-term product lifecycle
> 3 year warranty
> Cluster & system management tools
   (server products)
> Windows remote desktop support
Recommended Configurations
> New System Purchase

Each node with
    >2 CPU sockets (6 to 8 cores each); recommend 1 GPU per CPU socket
    >Total 96 to 192 GBs of CPU memory
    >Disk with minimum 2000 GB (scratch)
GPU OPTIONS: Tesla K80 or Tesla P100

> New System Purchase
    >Total 2 CPU sockets; recommend 1 GPU per CPU socket;
    >Total 48 GBs of CPU memory or more;
    >Disk with minimum 500 GB
    >Quadro M-series or Quadro P-series for design/pre-& post-processing

    >Quadro K6000 or Quadro GP100 for design/pre-& post-processing and double precision compute.

NVIDIA Tesla and Quadro products are available from all major professional workstation OEMs. Only Tesla GPU computing products are designed and qualified for compute cluster deployment.

Buy Optimized Tesla Systems

NVIDIA partners with system vendors to provide optimal solutions that accelerate your HPC workloads. Buy now and enjoy all the benefits of GPU-acceleration on SIMULIA Abaqus.

For a complete list of Tesla Preferred Providers, click here.

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