NVIDIA Spectrum-4

The most advanced ASIC in the NVIDIA Spectrum platform, optimized for AI and Cloud, delivering unmatched performance, virtualization, and telemetry.

Ethernet Switching Solutions for the Accelerated Data Center

NVIDIA is the leader in end-to-end open networking for all layers of software and hardware. NVIDIA combines the benefits of NVIDIA Spectrum switches, based on industry-leading application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) technology, with a wide variety of modern network operating system choices, including NVIDIA Cumulus Linux, SONiC, and Linux Switch.

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Developer Conference March 20-23 | Keynote March 21

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Hit the Ground Running with Data Center Digital Twin Automation

Data Centers have changed. APIs have replaced CLIs, and the scope and scale needed to manage cloud and AI-scale networks make simulation, automation, and validation a necessity. Consisting of Air, Cumulus Linux, and NetQ, the NVIDIA Spectrum Ethernet software stack is purpose-built for operational innovation. Combining network digital twins with powerful, simple automation and actionable visibility, Spectrum Ethernet accelerates Day 0, Day 1, and Day 2 ops for faster time to value and better business outcomes. In this session, learn how to leverage Air, Cumulus, and NetQ for your mission-critical cloud networking.

Powering Telecom Cloud Services using Open Ethernet

Modern cloud and telecommunications services require high-performance networks without compromising on openness for their mission-critical infrastructure and applications. Comcast will speak about how they leverage NVIDIA’s open Ethernet networking technologies for their Cloud Fabric services deployment, including Pure SONiC, Spectrum switches, and BlueField DPUs. Learn how to architect and build network topologies based on Spectrum Ethernet switches running the SONiC network operating system for innovative, open 400G networking, ready for the next generation of AI and HPC applications.

How to Build Clouds to Power the Next Wave of Applications

Computing is advancing at incredible speed, and cloud computing is becoming the norm for nearly every enterprise. Cloud computing allows companies to deploy applications faster, reduce operating costs, and rapidly scale resources to meet growing demand. However, not all clouds are created equal. Modern applications increasingly rely on accelerated computing as the underlying technology to deliver on the promise of machine learning and artificial intelligence. We'll discuss how organizations can build cloud computing infrastructures that are accelerated, efficient, and secure to power the next wave of applications.

Flexibility and Control

With the NVIDIA ethernet switching solution, you can purchase hardware from a variety of vendors, including HPE, Lenovo, Penguin, or direct. The NVIDIA Spectrum Ethernet Switch product family is a broad portfolio of top-of-rack and aggregation switches. Deploy in your layer-2 and layer-3 cloud designs, in overlay-based virtualized networks, or as part of high-performance, mission-critical ethernet storage fabrics. In any deployment, you’ll get:

  • Industry-leading performance and predictability 
  • Comprehensive visibility
  • High-performance remote direct-memory access over converged ethernet (RoCE)
  • Advanced virtualization

End-to-End Open Networking

Open networking is about offering choice and flexibility while removing restrictions, and that means being open at all tiers of the stack. NVIDIA is the leader in end-to-end open networking at all layers of software and hardware.  

  • Nearly all NVIDIA networking features, from adapters to switches to data processing units (DPU’s), can be accessed and managed with open interfaces. In fact, NVIDIA is a top contributor to projects such as SONiC, the Data Plane Developers Kit (DPDK), and Free Range Routing (FRR).
  • The Spectrum programmable ASIC enables flexibility to handle evolving networking technologies, including new protocols that may be developed in the future.
  • Spectrum’s Open SDK API enables the Ethernet community to build open-source networking applications and protocols faster and can be a base for a standard Ethernet switch interface, since NVIDIA doesn’t restrict usage or programming of the ASIC.
  • The upstream Linux kernel includes a complete implementation to interact with the switch system.


Nvidia Spectrum

NVIDIA Spectrum

The NVIDIA Spectrum Ethernet Switch product family includes a broad portfolio of top-of-rack and aggregation switches. Deploy in your layer-2 and layer-3 cloud designs, in overlay-based virtualized networks, or as part of high-performance, mission-critical ethernet storage fabrics.

Nvidia Air


NVIDIA Air allows users to model data center deployments with full software functionality, creating a digital twin. Transform and streamline network operations by simulating, validating, and automating changes and updates.

NVIDIA Cumulus Linux

NVIDIA Cumulus Linux

NVIDIA Cumulus Linux, the world’s most robust open networking operating system, includes a comprehensive list of advanced, modern networking features, and is built for scale.

Nvidia NetQ


NetQ is a modern operations tool designed to provide holistic, real-time visibility, troubleshooting, and lifecycle management of your modern data center.



NVIDIA offers pure SONiC, a community-developed, open-source network operating system based on Linux that runs on switches from multiple vendors and powers some of the largest data centers in the world.

Nvidia Onyx


If you’re looking for a more traditional operating system bundled with the switch, NVIDIA Onyx delivers a new level of flexibility and scalability to next-generation data centers.

NVIDIA Linux Switch

NVIDIA Linux Switch

Linux Switch enables users to natively use any standard Linux distribution as the switch operating system on any of the Open Ethernet NVIDIA Spectrum switch platforms.

Ethernet Switching Solutions for the Accelerated Data Center

Discover the key benefits of NVIDIA’s Ethernet switch solutions highlighted in the IDC Business Value White Paper

Build your own fully automated network topology using SONiC, NVIDIA Cumulus Linux, and NVIDIA NetQ.