Accelerated Ethernet Switching for AI and the Cloud

NVIDIA is the leader in end-to-end accelerated networking for all layers of software and hardware. NVIDIA combines the benefits of NVIDIA Spectrum™ switches, based on industry-leading application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) technology, with a wide variety of modern network operating system choices, including NVIDIA Cumulus® Linux and Pure SONiC.

NVIDIA Spectrum Ethernet Switch

Spectrum Switch Portfolio Features

zero-touch accelerated remote direct-memory access (RDMA)


Best-in-class hardware performance with zero-touch accelerated RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE)

Fifth-generation in-house ASIC design


Fifth-generation in-house ASIC design for optimized AI, cloud, and storage workloads

End-to-end NVIDIA solutions


Designed and tested for full-stack, end-to-end NVIDIA solutions

Choice and flexibility through open NOS support


Choice and flexibility at all tiers of the stack through open NOS support

End-to-end platform simulation


Hosted data center digital twins with end-to-end platform simulation

Features that enable fairness, predictability, and actionable visibility


Exclusive features that enable fairness, predictability, and actionable visibility

DELL Technologies
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Switch Hardware Products

NVIDIA Spectrum SN5000 Series Spectrum-4

NVIDIA Spectrum-4 SN5000 Series

Purpose-built for AI, the SN5000 family is the world’s only Ethernet switch portfolio suitable for deep learning workloads, connecting cloud-scale GPU compute at speeds up to 800 gigabits per second (Gb/s).

NVIDIA Spectrum-3 SN4000 Series

NVIDIA Spectrum-3 SN4000 Series

Built for cloud-scale networking, the SN4000 family combines industry-leading features with groundbreaking performance to support modern scale-out distributed data center applications for all speeds up to 400Gb/s.

NVIDIA Spectrum-2 SN3000 Series

NVIDIA Spectrum-2 SN3000 Series

Ideal for leaf and spine data center network solutions, the SN3000 series delivers maximum flexibility with port speeds up to 200Gb/s per port and port density that enables full-rack connectivity to any server at any speed.

NVIDIA Spectrum SN2000 Series

NVIDIA Spectrum SN2000 Series

With speeds up to 100Gb/s, the SN2000 series provides unique switch form factors that integrate into hyperconverged Infrastructure and software-defined storage management systems for ease of deployment and administration.


Max Port Speed


Max Flow Counters

512K entries

Max Access-Control Lists (ACLs)

512K entries

Network Address Translation (NAT)

100K+ entries

Max IPV4 Routes

512K entries

Ethernet Switch Family Product Table

  • SN5000
  • SN4000
  • SN3000
  • SN2000
  Connectors 800GbE Ports 400GbE Ports 200GbE Ports 100GbE Ports 50GbE Ports 40GbE Ports 25/10/1GbE Ports Height Max Throughput Total Packets per Second
SN5400 64x QSFP-DD 400GbE + 2x SFP28 25GbE 64 128 256 256 128 256+2 2U 25.6Tb/s 33.3Bpps
SN5600 64x OSFP 800GbE + 1 SFP28 25GbE 64 128 256 256 256 128 256+1 2U 51.2Tb/s 33.3Bpps
  Connectors 400GbE Ports 200GbE Ports 100GbE Ports 50GbE Ports 40GbE Ports 25/10/1GbE Ports Height Max Throughput Total Packets per Second
SN4600C 64x QSFP28 100GbE 64 128 64 128 2U 6.4Tb/s 8.4Bpps
SN4700 32x QSFPDD 400GbE 32 64 128 128 64 128 1U 12.8Tb/s 8.4Bpps
SN4410 24x QSFPDD-28 + 8x QSFPDD 8 16 24/48 128 64 128 1U 8Tb/s 8.4Bpps
SN4600 64x QSFP56 200GbE 64 128 128 64 128 2U 12.8Tb/s 8.4Bpps
  Connectors 200GbE Ports 100GbE Ports 50GbE Ports 40GbE Ports 25/10/1GbE Ports Height Max Throughput Total Packets per Second
SN3700 32x QSFP56 200GbE 32 64 128 32 128 1U 6.4Tb/s 8.33Bpps
SN3700C 32x QSFP28 100GbE 32 64 32 128 1U 3.2Tb/s 4.76Bpps
SN3750-SX 32x QSFP56 200GbE 32 64 128 32 128 1U 6.4Tb/s 8.33Bpps
SN3420 12x QSFP28 100GbE +
48x SFP28 25GbE
12 12 48+48 1U 2.4Tb/s 3.57Bpps
  Connectors 100GbE Ports 50GbE Ports 40GbE Ports 25/10/1GbE Ports Height Max Throughput Total Packets per Second
SN2201 48x RJ45
+ 4x QSFP28 100 GbE
4 8 4 16(25/10G),
1U 448Gb/s 667Mpps
SN2010 18x SFP28
25GbE +
4x QSFP28 100GbE
4 8 4 18+16 1U 850Gb/s 1.26Bpps
SN2100 16x QSFP28 100GbE 16 32 16 64 1U 1.6Tb/s 2.38Bpps

Spectrum Networking Software


NVIDIA Air allows users to model data center deployments with full software functionality, creating a digital twin. Transform and streamline network operations by simulating, validating, and automating changes and updates.

NVIDIA Cumulus

NVIDIA Cumulus Linux, the world’s most robust open networking operating system, includes a comprehensive list of advanced, modern networking features and is built for scale.


NVIDIA NetQ™ is a modern operations tool designed to provide holistic, real-time visibility, troubleshooting, and lifecycle management of your modern data center.


NVIDIA offers Pure SONiC, a community-developed, open-source network operating system based on Linux that runs on switches from multiple vendors and powers some of the largest data centers in the world.

NVIDIA Linux Switch

NVIDIA Linux Switch lets users natively use any standard Linux distribution as the switch operating system on any of the NVIDIA Spectrum Open Ethernet switch platforms.

Networking for the Era of AI: The Network Defines the Data Center

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Simulate a fully automated network topology using NVIDIA Air.

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Hit the Ground Running with Data Center Digital Twin Automation

Data Centers have changed. APIs have replaced CLIs, and the scope and scale needed to manage cloud and AI-scale networks make simulation, automation, and validation a necessity. Consisting of Air, Cumulus Linux, and NetQ, the NVIDIA Spectrum Ethernet software stack is purpose-built for operational innovation. Combining network digital twins with powerful, simple automation and actionable visibility, Spectrum Ethernet accelerates Day 0, Day 1, and Day 2 ops for faster time to value and better business outcomes. In this session, learn how to leverage Air, Cumulus, and NetQ for your mission-critical cloud networking.

Powering Telecom Cloud Services using Open Ethernet

Modern cloud and telecommunications services require high-performance networks without compromising on openness for their mission-critical infrastructure and applications. Comcast will speak about how they leverage NVIDIA’s open Ethernet networking technologies for their Cloud Fabric services deployment, including Pure SONiC, Spectrum switches, and BlueField DPUs. Learn how to architect and build network topologies based on Spectrum Ethernet switches running the SONiC network operating system for innovative, open 400G networking, ready for the next generation of AI and HPC applications.

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