Ignite HPC with BlueField Networking

Unleash application performance and system efficiency for modern scientific computing.

Transform High-Performance Computing Data Centers with NVIDIA BlueField DPUs

Providing powerful computing, high-speed NVIDIA Quantum InfiniBand networking, and highly programmable engines, the NVIDIA BlueField® networking platform ignites unprecedented innovation and performance for modern scientific computing applications.

Message Passing Interface (MPI) Performance Acceleration

HPC and AI communication frameworks and libraries are latency and bandwidth sensitive, and play a critical role in determining application performance.

NVIDIA DOCA provides many services, including MPI and Shared Memory Library (SHMEM), that accelerate multi-process communication. DOCA enables the BlueField DPU to progress the application’s communication periods in parallel with the computation periods, resulting in increased application performance.

Compare Application performance over three communication frameworks.
BlueField DPUs and DOCA enable computational storage and advanced storage offloads for next-generation data centers.

Computational Storage and Advanced Offloads

The next-generation open storage architecture offers a new paradigm for accelerating, isolating, and securing high-performance storage systems. The system employs hardware and software co-design, making the DPUs incredibly efficient and transparent to the user.

The NVIDIA BlueField networking platform and DOCA enable computational storage and advanced storage offloads for next-generation data centers. DOCA provides storage services on the DPU, including checksum offloads, decompression, NVMe emulation with BlueField SNAP™, and VIRTIO-FS providing file system offloads.

Adaptive Performance Isolation

Modern data centers and multi-application environments need to operate at absolute peak efficiency.  The BlueField networking platform enables adaptive performance isolations,  ensuring bare-metal performance for applications by leveraging network telemetry information and application performance characteristics. This enables applications to run simultaneously and achieve performance similar to a single application run.

Multiple applications run simultaneously achieving similar performance as a single application.

Supported DPU Technology Environments

Build and Deploy NVIDIA Cloud-Native Supercomputing

Learn how to deliver a secure multi-tenant environment, while providing performance isolation on shared computing resources—all at bare-metal speeds. From video tutorials to step-by-step deployment guides, NVIDIA provides all the materials you need to start your journey with NVIDIA Cloud-Native Supercomputing.

Provides a Zero-Trust Architecture

The BlueField networking platform ensures supercomputing resources are securely provisioned, without prior residuals for new tenants. BlueField provides a clean boot image for a newly scheduled tenant, performs a complete resource cleanup, re-establishes trust for allocated infrastructure resources,

High-Performance, Efficient Networking

BlueField is a powerful data center services accelerator, delivering up to 400 gigabits per second (Gb/s) connectivity for both traditional applications and modern GPU-accelerated workloads, while freeing host CPU cores to run applications instead of infrastructure tasks.

Software-Defined Infrastructure

The NVIDIA DOCA software development kit enables developers to easily create high-performance, software-defined, cloud-native, DPU-accelerated services that leverage industry-standard APIs.