Network Virtualization

More Simplicity and More Control With Network Virtualization

With increasing interest in overlays and customers demanding workload mobility, a centralized pane of glass for managing virtualized and non-virtualized workloads has become essential. While software overlays have been unable to address all workloads, NVIDIA Cumulus Linux can act as the hardware L2 gateway for enabling the high performance desired for workloads while leveraging overlays, enforcing policies as desired and scaling with the benefits of VXLAN technology.

So what's that mean to you? Simply put, it means you get more simplicity and more control.

Greater Economics and Operational Efficiency With Software-Defined Data Center

The un-tethering of the switch hardware from the operating system software provides the foundation for a software-defined data center. By having the intelligence abstracted in the software and all the change management occurring in the logical layer, NVIDIA Cumulus Linux is able to drive tremendous data center economics with end-to-end operational efficiencies.

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Learn about NVIDIA Cumulus VX Best-in-class virtualization

Learn about NVIDIA Cumulus VX Best-in-class virtualization

Try our free virtual appliance that enables cloud admins and network engineers to preview and test NVIDIA Cumulus Linux at zero cost.

VXLAN routing with EVPN

VXLAN routing with EVPN

This technical guide walks you through the basics of VXLAN routing with EVPN, how this impacts layer 2 and layer 3 designs, and some basic configurations.

Network virtualization partners


"OpenContrail is an Apache 2.0-licensed project that is built using standards-based protocols and provides all the necessary components for network virtualization - SDN controller, virtual router, analytics engine, and published northbound APIs. It has an extensive REST API to configure and gather operational and analytics data from the system. Built for scale, OpenContrail is a very complementary solution to act as a network virtualization overlay with underlay networks enabling cloud infrastructure."

OpenContrail -


"There is an emerging network architecture being adopted by enterprises and service providers consisting of intelligent edge software, decoupled from the underlying physical network, running over general purpose network hardware. There are many benefits to this architecture, such as a software operational model and software innovation speeds, but the biggest benefit is customer choice. Cumulus Linux provides customers more flexibility in choosing the underlying infrastructure used to deploy network virtualization from VMware."

Hatem Naguib, Vice President of Networking and Security, VMware