Tangible Efficiency Through Network Simulation

Data center infrastructure is growing in complexity, and requires efficient solutions that simplify network operations. NVIDIA Air enables cloud-scale efficiency by creating identical replicas of real-world data center infrastructure deployments. NVIDIA Air allows users to model data center deployments with full software functionality, creating a digital twin. Transform and accelerate time to AI by simulating, validating, and automating changes and updates.


Data Center Digital Twins with NVIDIA Air

How to use NVIDIA Air

NVIDIA Cumulus NetQ


Create 1-for-1 virtual AI Cloud data center replicas with hundreds of switches and servers.

Open networking tools


Deploy with confidence through automation of patches and security updates.

Open networking technology


Share simulations with colleagues and enhance your training and skill transfer.

Simple Digital Twins on the Public Cloud

Fully Emulate Your Data Center

Get access to key NVIDIA networking software through Air. NVIDIA Air runs in the cloud and supports simulation of NVIDIA Spectrum Ethernet (Cumulus Linux and SONiC) switches and NVIDIA BlueField DPUs and SuperNICs as well as the NetQ network operations toolset. In addition to the switching, NVIDIA Air supports emulated hardware fidelity to the network adapter for simulation of the entire data center network.

Data Center Schematic
 Laptop on a Virtual Network

Build and Deploy AI Clouds Faster

Hit the ground running by simulating your AI cloud network infrastructure in NVIDIA Air. NVIDIA Air supports full simulation of both East/West and North/South networks, accelerating deployment of Spectrum-X AI fabrics. Design, configure, and pre-validate provisioning scripts, automation and security to accelerate Day 0 and Day 1 operations, accelerating time to value from your AI infrastructure.

Why Choose NVIDIA Air?

Hardware Free Proof of Concept

Hardware Free POCs

Network Training and Education

Network Training and Education

 DC Topology Builder & Visualizer

DC Topology Builder & Visualizer

 CI/CD Validation and Automation

CI/CD Validation & Automation

Key Features

  • Infrastructure simulation: open, cloud-native, Linux-based architecture that can represent any Ethernet switch or adapter through a browser GUI or CLI
  • Networking as a Service: Bare metal simulation for the networking software stack including Cumulus Linux, SONiC, and NetQ
  • End host support: x86 server simulation with OS, applications, and more
  • Pre-built network templates: Fully-baked leaf-spine networks running a choice of NOS for network test drives
  • Emulated ASICs: verify network behavior at highest fidelity without needing dedicated hardware
  • Custom topology support: Drag-and-drop editor lets you BYOC (bring your own config) or work with NVIDIA solution architects on a virtual POC
  • Demo Marketplace: Try NVIDIA networking via embedded Air tutorial instances, or integrated into documentation
  • Skill building: Air instances can be used as an always-on sandbox to train and build skills
  • Simulation stack integration: simple, native portability to NVIDIA Omniverse and Patch Manager

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