Tesla Features and Benefits

Your own Supercomputer
Dedicated computing resource for every computational researcher and technical professional.

Cluster Performance on your Desktop
The performance of a cluster in a desktop system. Four Tesla GPU computing processors deliver close to 4 Teraflops of performance.

Designed for Office Use
Plugs into a standard office power socket and quiet enough for use at your desk.

Massively Parallel Many Core GPU Architecture
240 parallel processor cores per GPU that can execute thousands of concurrent threads.

Solve Large-scale Problems using Multiple GPUs
Scale your application to multiple GPUs and harness the performance of thousands of processor cores to solve large-scale problems.

Widely accepted, easy to learn CUDA C Programming Environment
Easily express application parallelism to take advantage of the GPU’s many-core architecture using the NVIDIA® CUDA™ C programming environment.

4 GB High-Speed Memory per GPU
Dedicated compute memory enables larger datasets to be stored locally for each processor to maximize benefit from the 102 GB/s memory transfer speeds and minimize data movement around the system.

IEEE 754 Floating Point Precision (single-precision and double-precision)
Provides results that are consistent across platforms and meet industry standards.

64-bit ALUs for Double-Precision Math
Meets the precision requirements of your most demanding applications with 64-bit ALUs.