Breakthroughs in AI for Graphics

Thanks for joining us at the SIGGRAPH 2020 virtual conference, where we shared the latest innovations in research and AI for graphics. All of our sessions are now available to watch on-demand. Explore how AI is transforming the future of design and how NVIDIA Research is driving advanced breakthroughs in graphics workflows and GPU-accelerated software.

I Am a Creator

Discover how brilliant designers, creators, and engineers are using artificial intelligence to push the limits of artistic expression.

Experience the Power of RTX

See Product Demos in the Virtual Booth

From real-time ray tracing to AI-enhanced features, NVIDIA RTX has transformed creative workflows with advanced capabilities. At SIGGRAPH, our virtual demos will showcase the newest tools and techniques powered by NVIDIA® Quadro RTX GPUs

Fastest Supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory to Simulate Retropropulsion

Visualizing 150 TB of Simulation Data to Help NASA Land on Mars

A team of NASA scientists and engineers used the world's fastest supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory to simulate retropropulsion, producing a massive 150 terabytes (TB) of data. This demo uses NVIDIA IndeX® and GPUDirect® Storage to allow researchers to fly through the massive dataset in real time and continue to navigate through it as the data continuously updates.

Advanced Video Editing & Visual Effects on RTX Studio Laptops

Interactive 8K Video Editing on RTX Studio Laptops

Blackmagic Design has integrated GPU acceleration for advanced video editing and visual effects, including several exciting AI-based features in the DaVinci Resolve Studio 16 creative app. These effects and tools are accelerated with NVIDIA CUDA® and Tensor Cores, empowering editors to produce high-quality videos in seconds instead of hours and iterate faster than ever before.

NVIDIA Optix - RTX Ai Features

AI Denoising and Interactive Ray Tracing with RTX in Blender Cycles

Blender is an open-source 3D software package that comes with the Cycles Renderer. Cycles is already a GPU-enabled path tracer, now supercharged with the latest generation of RTX GPUs. Furthering the rendering speed, RTX AI features such as the NVIDIA Optix denoiser infers rendering results for a truly interactive ray-tracing experience.

StyleGAN2 - Synthesizing High-Resolution Images

Synthesizing High-Resolution Images with StyleGAN2

StyleGAN2, developed by NVIDIA Research, uses transfer learning to produce seemingly infinite numbers of portraits in an infinite variety of painting styles. In this new demo, the resulting model allows users to create and fluidly explore portraits by separately controlling the content, identity, expression, and pose of the subject.


Explore Exciting Work With Real-Time Ray Tracing & AI.

AI Powers the Next Generation of Graphics at SIGGRAPH

AI is bringing content creation to the next level. Explore some of the most exciting work and discover the newest possibilities in real-time ray tracing and AI.

Rise of RTX Real-Time Ray Tracing in Graphics Industry

The Rise of RTX Real-Time Ray Tracing

NVIDIA RTX has transformed the graphics industry. From accelerated performance to the rapid rise of RTX adoption, learn how real-time ray tracing has completely changed what's possible in content creation.

Explore NVIDIA Education Partner Programs

Learn about our various educational partner programs by attending one of our Zoom meetups. NVIDIA program experts will host three 30-minute sessions that will cover the training tools and resources available to educators.

NVIDIA Studio Education Partner Program

Tuesday, 8/25, and Wednesday, 8/26, 09:30-10:00 (PDT)

Real-time ray tracing, artificial intelligence, and GPU-accelerated workflows are transforming the way content is created, so we’re partnering with the world’s top digital media schools to bring the latest technology to the next generation of creative professionals. Join an open dialogue led by NVIDIA program expert Andy Cook to learn more about the Studio Education Partner Program, its benefits, and how you can be a part of it.

NVIDIA Teaching Kits and DLI University Ambassador Program

Thursday, 8/27, 09:30-10:00 (PDT)

NVIDIA Teaching Kits are available for qualified university educators interested in course solutions across deep learning, accelerated computing, and robotics. Educators can integrate lecture materials, hands-on courses, GPU cloud resources, and more into their curriculum. The DLI University Ambassador Program certifies qualified educators to deliver hands-on DLI workshops to university faculty, students, and researchers at no cost. Join an open dialogue led by NVIDIA program experts Andy Cook and Joe Bungo to learn more.


NVIDIA’s accepted papers at this year’s virtual SIGGRAPH feature a range of groundbreaking research in the field of computer graphics. From rendering direct lighting from millions of dynamic light sources to improved color distributions for image editing and compression, explore the work we’re bringing to the SIGGRAPH community.

Compositional Neural Scene Representations for Shading Inference

Jonathan Granskog | Jan Novak | Marios Papas | Fabrice Rousselle | Paper | Video

Spatiotemporal Reservoir Resampling for Real-Time Ray Tracing with Dynamic Direct Lighting

Benedikt Bitterli | Chris Wyman | Matt Pharr | Peter Shirley | Aaron Lefohn | Wojciech Jarosz | Paper | Video

Polar Stroking: New Theory and Methods for Stroking Paths

Mark Kilgard | Paper | Video

Nonlinear Color Triads for Approximation, Learning, and Direct Manipulation of Color Distributions

Maria Shugrina | Amlan Kar | Sanja Fidler | Karan Singh | Paper | Video

Wave Curves: Simulating Lagrangian Water Waves on Dynamically Deforming Surfaces

Tomas Skrivan | Andreas Soderstrom | John Johansson | Christopher Sprenger | Ken Museth | Chris Wojtan | PaperVideo

The AI Podcast

Tune in to SIGGRAPH AI Podcast Episodes

Tune in to SIGGRAPH-inspired AI Podcast episodes featuring three innovators revolutionizing the world of graphics with AI. Discover their stories and the technology that will change the way we recreate reality:

Episode 125, Aaron Lefohn, Real-Time Rendering Research Director, NVIDIA

Episode 126, Albert Yang, Founder and President, Topaz Labs

Episode 127, David Luebke, Vice President of Research, NVIDIA (Coming Soon)

Featured Speakers

Andrew Allan - Senior Software Engineer and Louis Bavoil - Principal Engineer of Developer Technology
Richard Cowgill - RTX Unreal Evangelist
Jeff Kember - Director of  Developer Relations
Ming-Yu Liu - Distinguished Research Scientist
David Luebke - Vice President of Graphics Research
Jos Stam - Graphics Researcher

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