vSphere on BlueField FAQs

VMware vSphere Distributed Services Engine is a rearchitecture of VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) that supports all the new requirements of modern enterprise applications. It leverages smart network interface cards (SmartNICs) and data processing units (DPUs) to deliver maximum performance, zero-trust security, and simplified operations to VCF deployments.

VMware vSphere Distributed Services Engine is ideally positioned for enterprises of all sizes and industries that are modernizing their hybrid cloud infrastructure to meet the demands of next-generation applications.

Enabling VMware vSphere Distributed Services Engine with NVIDIA BlueField® DPUs offers improved performance, enhanced visibility and security, improved efficiency, streamlined business operations, and reduced deployment downtime. In addition, NVIDIA LaunchPad enables enterprises to remotely access a vSphere environment for a free hands-on lab. Apply to experience these benefits firsthand.

VMware vSphere Distributed Services Engine empowers organizations to securely and consistently run applications—including cloud-native and 5G, machine learning and AI, and more—across hybrid/multi-cloud environments. This provides a single platform for running virtual machines and containers with a common operating model.

VMware vSphere Distributed Services Engine is a VMware-licensed product. For the total cost of ownership (TCO), consult your VMware and/or OEM channel partner.

VMware vSphere Distributed Services Engine consists of various software and hardware components. Please contact VMware for specific hardware requirements.

VMware vSphere Distributed Services Engine introduces a new architecture for VMware Cloud Foundation, where ESXi, NSX, and other software components now run on DPUs to enable offloading, accelerating, and isolating workloads from the CPU to enable the CPU to more efficiently process core application tasks. This results in accelerated job completion times, significant TCO savings, and improved security by enabling a zero-trust security approach.

vSphere Distributed Services Engine is VMware's next-generation VMware Cloud Foundation solution and will be supported by them. If needed, VMware will contact NVIDIA for help.

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Data processing units (DPUs) specialize in moving data in data centers. They're a new class of programmable processor that joins CPUs and GPUs as one of the three pillars of computing. Learn more about DPUs in the blog "What is a DPU?"

Organizations of all sizes and industries are using DPUs to build software-defined, hardware-accelerated computing platforms in the cloud, in the data center, and at the edge.

By offloading, accelerating, and isolating data center infrastructure processing, DPUs enable incredible performance, cloud-scale efficiency, and zero-trust security with full programmability to run the most demanding application workloads.

DPUs can be applied to a broad range of use cases in cloud computing, AI and data science, cybersecurity, and much more. Learn how leading companies are using DPUs in this free eBook.

The price of an NVIDIA BlueField DPU varies, depending on several factors, including but not limited to compute capabilities, the number of network ports, and the feature set. To get a personalized estimate for your needs, connect with an NVIDIA representative.

NVIDIA BlueField DPUs are available for purchase through the NVIDIA store, or you can connect directly with an NVIDIA sales representative.

NVIDIA provides customer support services for all NVIDIA-branded DPU products. For OEM-branded DPU products, support services are provided through the respective OEM's distribution channels.

Many of the world's top server manufacturers offer or are building systems powered by NVIDIA BlueField DPUs. For information about specific systems, contact an OEM seller or connect with an NVIDIA representative.

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vSphere with BlueField on LaunchPad FAQs

Today, users are able to run only predefined use cases over VMware vSphere Distributed Services Engine and will not be able to use their own data.

VMware vSphere on LaunchPad runs over Dell EMC PowerEdge R750. Apply for a technical preview and talk to an NVIDIA networking expert if you're looking to try vSphere on those or different hardware offerings.

NVIDIA LaunchPad is available worldwide through Equinix data centers hosted in nine locations across the United States, Europe, Japan, and Singapore. Apply here for the hands-on lab.

Anyone interested in testing out VMware vSphere on LaunchPad is qualified to participate in the program. With LaunchPad, you don't need to have your own infrastructure or data to access the free hands-on labs.

NVIDIA LaunchPad experiences are free of charge for qualified enterprises.

Following a project, systems and data will be deleted and all physical servers used will be reimaged.

By default, a single VMware Cloud Foundation cluster (three nodes) will be provided to each user.

To apply for a free hands-on lab of VMware vSphere on LaunchPad, please fill out this form.

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