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University Partnerships

Partnerships with prestigious universities and research institutions around the globe are integral to NVIDIA’s daily activities. Through NVIDIA Research, we offer essential support to globally significant research projects and explore challenging topics on the frontiers of visual, parallel and mobile computing. Numerous other links with academia allow us to collaborate with leading researchers, attract top talent, and build connections with professors and with research facilities which are working to solve the world’s most complex scientific challenges.

Our internship program receives more than 18,000 applications annually. By selecting interns with care, we’ve created a program that has become an important source of new talent for us. It’s designed to replicate as closely as possible the experience of actual employment. Interns are assigned to active projects where they work alongside and receive mentoring from top-notch industry veterans. They are held accountable for their work, and receive pay and a variety of benefits, including travel and housing assistance and the opportunity to contribute to a 401(k).

Our New College Grad program also attracts high-performing, talented individuals. NVIDIA’s University Relations group works to actively develop these future graduates and expose them to our business and technology. For more information, see our page on intern and co-op programs.

We continue to build relationships with the academic community by providing support for teaching, research and advanced education through five academic research programs. These expand the teaching of GPUs and visual computing, and support research that uses our technology to tackle major computing challenges.

To learn more about the ways in which reward academics using GPUs, read about the 2013 NVIDIA Fellowship awardees.

We’re gratified to see momentum growing for books and courses that focus on programming GPUs with CUDA and Open GL. Our CUDA Center of Excellence (CCOE) program recognizes universities that are advancing the frontiers of GPU computing. We currently have CCOEs in the United States, Europe and Asia, reflecting the international growth of this field.

Learn more about these programs on the NVIDIA Research website:

University Recruiting

In 2012, we continued to enhance two key areas of our onsite internship program:

  • Performance management: We developed an intensive performance program in which interns and their managers are given the opportunity to better manage their goals and tasks. These are measured throughout the course of the internship through one-on-one meetings, evaluation forms and assistance from the University Relations Group.
  • Engagement and exposure: We’re increasingly providing opportunities for interns to be exposed to the NVIDIA culture, community and business. Interns attend talks given by NVIDIA leaders from marketing and engineering, as well as by our CEO. They have opportunities to spend time together on and off campus, enabling them to network, learn about activities across our businesses, and meet NVIDIA employees at company meetings, charity events and brown bag lunches.

As a result of our 2012 internship recruitment efforts, we:

  • Made recruiting visits to 31 colleges and universities, reaching over 3,000 students on campus alone.
  • Received approximately 18,000 resumes as a direct result of our visits.
  • Hosted 516 paid interns in the globally (66 percent in the US, 30 percent in Asia and 4 percent in the EMEA region).
  • Hired 408 new college graduates globally, 27 percent of whom had served as interns previously.