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Our Programs

The NVIDIA Foundation’s diverse employee-led programs make an impact at many levels — from one-on-one mentoring to global initiatives aimed at enormous global humanitarian issues.

Project Inspire
Project Inspire 2012
Project Inspire 2012
Each year in offices around the world, NVIDIA employees join family, friends and community members to help transform valuable community resources. Learn more about Project Inspire >

Compute the Cure
Cancer researchers in pursuit of a cure receive funding, and NVIDIA employees learn about cancer prevention through this initiative.
Learn more about Compute the Cure >

Operation Kizuna
After the 2011 earthquake and tsunami devastated portions of northeastern Japan, the NVIDIA Foundation and NVIDIA employees opened their hearts and wallets to aid recovery efforts. We also funded a small business recovery program, helping businesses get back on their feet.
Learn more about Operation Kizuna >

High Impact Grant Program
NVIDIA employees around the world select nonprofit organizations to receive $200,000 in annual grants.
Learn more about the High Impact Grant Program >

Education Programs
Education Programs
Education Programs
Tutoring and Mentoring
NVIDIA employees volunteer time to tutor and mentor K-12 students in math and science.

Each year, NVIDIA offices collect backpacks and other supplies and donate them to local schools and organizations to support underserved students.

Strategic Partnerships
NVIDIA provides funding to global organizations that work to keep youth in school and prepare them for exciting careers in math and science.

Additional Programs
Disaster Relief
  • If a major disaster or catastrophe is declared in a country where NVIDIA has an office, the NVIDIA Foundation will work with employees to determine a response to the disaster.

Matching Gifts
  • Individual - U.S., UK and India employees receive up to $750 in matching funds for their financial and time donations to recognized nonprofit organizations.
  • Team - When two or more global employees team up to raise funds for a charitable cause, the NVIDIA Foundation matches donations made to them by other employees.
  • Volunteer Time - U.S. employees receive up to $750 in matching funds for their financial and time donations to recognized nonprofit organizations.
  • International - NVIDIA offers a payroll donation program to India employees, and matches office charity events and fundraising in all international offices.

  • Tutoring and Mentoring - NVIDIA employees mentor students in math and science.
  • Skills-based - NVIDIA employees use their core business skills, experience and education for volunteering.
  • Volunteer Recognition Program - NVIDIA employees are recognized for their volunteer efforts in the community.

Donations and Fundraising
  • NVIDIA GPU Donations - NVIDIA donates GPUs to schools and nonprofit organizations.
  • Intern Bike Donations - NVIDIA interns have the opportunity to donate their bikes at the end of their internships.
  • Tradeshow and Event Fundraisers - NVIDIA tradeshows and events engage attendees in charitable activities.