NVIDIA 1999 Corporate Timeline

Intel Pentium 3 February, 1999
NVIDIA sweeps 100% of major PC OEMs Intel® Pentium® III design wins for Spring '99.
PC Gamer Awards February, 1999
NVIDIA™ Corporation earns the Special Achievement in Hardware award in PC Gamer's Fifth Annual PC Gamer Awards.
Vanta March, 1999
NVIDIA launches the NVIDIA Vanta™ processor, enters commercial desktop PC market.
Riva TNT2 May, 1999
NVIDIA launches RIVA TNT2, the first 32-bit frame buffer.
  May, 1999
NVIDIA ships its ten millionth graphics processor.
Ernst & Young LLP June, 1999
NVIDIA's CEO Jen-Hsun Huang is honored by Ernst & Young LLP as the Entrepreneur of the Year in High Technology.
SGI July, 1999
NVIDIA and SGI form strategic alliance.
GeForce 256™ August, 1999
NVIDIA launches GeForce 256™, the industry's first graphics processing unit (GPU).
ALi August, 1999
NVIDIA and ALI introduce integrated graphics technology.
Quadro November, 1999
NVIDIA launches Quadro™, the world's first workstation GPU.