Developer Support

We help developers improve existing tools, invent new functionalities and grow new markets by actively engaging a worldwide network of programmers, researchers, students, scientists and partners.

We give developers diverse resources, including courses in parallel programming; enhancement tools for debugging, performance and testing; access to highly skilled engineers and specialists who provide custom services and co-design industry-specific applications; and financial support to university researchers in various scientific disciplines.

Additionally, we host targeted discussion forums and conferences to communicate with and facilitate interaction among developers.

We listen closely to developer feedback. Our world-class designers continually work ahead of the curve to develop products that will contribute to our customers’ success and push new standards of creativity, usability and sustainability.

CUDA Education
NVIDIA offers a host of training programs that teach a range of skills, from basic parallel programming to how to accelerate applications using CUDA.
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Developer Centers

We organize our comprehensive developer support into four broad categories, as outlined below.


Our support for game developers on PC, Android, Console and VR platforms includes sample code and tools, in addition to documentation and training. We offer tools and authoring frameworks that allow developers to create and run complex physical simulations in an intuitive and flexible manner. We also work directly with game teams to help them sustainably and creatively optimize their inventions.

Professional Visualization

Our ProVis team works with many of the world’s leading software developers to create NVIDIA-powered solutions.

CUDA & GPU Computing

Our comprehensive support to university-level CUDA users includes training, collaboration, and financial assistance. CUDA has more than 100,000 developers at over 8,000 institutions, and is taught at top universities in 60-plus countries, including hundreds of CUDA Research and Training Centers and CUDA Centers of Excellence. The creative genius available in academic/research institutions is highlighted by the annual CUDA Centers of Excellence Achievement Awards, which accentuate the value NVIDIA provides by nurturing these educational ties.

We recently launched a partnership with QWIK Lab to deliver CUDA instructional content to programmers. This expands the teaching resources that are already available at and through our partner, Udacity.

Embedded Development

We are helping developers create the next generation of embedded experience. Our Tegra mobile processors enable developers to create applications for systems ranging from tablets and gaming to self-driving cars. We provide a development platform, code samples, white papers, tools and a forum for enhancing this emerging technology. Additionally, our Jetson development kit for embedded applications allows developers to easily create and test automotive and computer-vision applications to provide enhanced safety and entertainment systems for tomorrow’s cars. And in response to the Linux community’s desire to have greater access to NVIDIA technology, we have expanded our support for Linux.

GPU Technology Conference

Each year, our steadily growing GPU Technology Conference advances global awareness of GPU computing, computer graphics, game development, mobile computing, and cloud computing. Through world-class education, including hundreds of hours of technical sessions, tutorials, panel discussions, and moderated roundtables, the event brings together thousands of thought leaders from a wide range of fields.