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NVIDIA Foundation Impact Videos

The NVIDIA Foundation is one of the only employee-led foundations in Silicon Valley. Learn more about some of the key programs of the Foundation and see the impact its contributions are making to the community in these videos.

Featured video
Project Inspire 2011
NVIDIA Foundation Overview
A look at what makes the NVIDIA Foundation unique, which cause areas are most important, and why employees feel passionately about giving back to their communities.
The Foundation provides yearly grants to organizations that are improving the health of others, as well as supports cancer researchers in their search for cure through its Compute the Cure initiative.

Project Inspire 2012 Project Inspire 2011
Project Inspire 2012
More than 1,500 NVIDIA employees, family and community members racked up 7,500 volunteer hours at Veggielution, an urban community farm in San Jose, CA that's committed to providing healthy food to low-income families, the focus of NVIDIA's sixth annual Project Inspire volunteer event.
Project Inspire 2011
On December 9 and 10, 2011, more than 1,500 employees, friends, family and community members came together to transform Full Circle Farm in Sunnyvale, CA.
Movember 2011 Hrudaya Foundation
Movember 2011
A look at why NVIDIA employees support the Movember movement to raise cancer awareness.
Hrudaya Foundation
A look at how Hrudaya Foundation, a 2010 High Impact Grant recipient, helped 35 children with the grant.
Project Inspire 2010
Project Inspire 2010 Spring Update
A return to 2010 Project Inspire site, History Park in San Jose, CA, five months after the event.

With a focus on K-12 STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education, the NVIDIA Foundation supports organizations through volunteer programs like tutoring and mentoring, as well as technology and financial donations.

Project Inspire 2013 Breakthrough Silicon Valley
Project Inspire 2013
Project Inspire 2013 transformed Ocala Middle School in east San Jose. Our 1,500 volunteers overhauled the school's academic and athletic facilities to create an exciting new campus for Ocala's students and the girls of the East Valley Softball League.
Breakthrough Silicon Valley
An inspiring overview of education-focused Breakthrough Silicon Valley, a 2010 recipient of NVIDIA's High Impact Grant.
Project Inspire is a Catalyst for Multimedia Academy at Overfelt High School "From Math to Magic" Exhibit Debuts at Tech Museum
Multimedia Academy at Overfelt High School
A look at the growth of the multimedia academy at William C Overfelt High School in San Jose, CA, 2008's NVIDIA Project Inspire recipient.
"From Math to Magic" Exhibit Debuts at Tech Museum
A look at the NVIDIA-sponsored exhibit at the Tech Museum, in San Jose, CA, that teaches visitors about designing interactive graphics.
Project Inspire 2009:  McKinley Elementary Project Inspire 2008:  Overfelt High School
Project Inspire 2009: McKinley Elementary
NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang shares information about NVIDIA's party with a purpose, Project Inspire, at McKinley Elementary in San Jose, CA.
Project Inspire 2008: Overfelt High School
1,000 employees, their families and students of Overfelt High School in East San Jose take part in a one-day transformation of the school.
Project Inspire 2007:  East Palo Alto Charter School
Project Inspire 2007: East Palo Alto Charter School
Over 500 employees from NVIDIA teamed up with parents and teachers from an East Palo Alto charter school to help rebuild and improve the school.

Human Services
Aiming to be a catalyst for change, the NVIDIA Foundation supports a variety of programs to positively impact the global communities where our employees reside.

NVIDIA Partners with HOPE Services Project Inspire 2010
NVIDIA Partners with HOPE Services
An overview of NVIDIA's partnership with HOPE Services, a Bay Area non-profit that provides services to more than 2,500 children, adults and seniors with developmental disabilities.
Project Inspire 2010
1,000 employees and their families spend a day volunteering at History Park in San Jose, CA to make transformational change in their local community.