The NVIDIA® GPU Ventures Zone showcases the breadth of innovative companies that leverage the GPU for visual and other computing applications.

Companies within the visual and GPU computing ecosystem:

Avatar Reality
Brainstorm America
Edge3 Technologies
Elemental Technologies
Emergent Game Technologies
Fork Particle
Forterra Systems
Hanweck Associates
Illuminate Labs
Massive Software
Nurien Software
Perceptive Pixel
Pixelux Entertainment
Red Giant Software
Right Hemisphere
Scalable Graphics
Seeing Machines
Sixense Entertainment
Spatial View
Tech-X Corporation
Total Immersion

   Right Hemisphere
3825 Hopyard Road, Suite 150
Pleasanton, CA 94588
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   Right Hemisphere is the leading provider of enterprise visual product communication, collaboration and publishing solutions that optimize mission critical business processes such as sourcing, manufacturing, marketing and customer support for leading Global 1000 manufacturers. Right Hemisphere integrates disparate product data readily available in CAD, PLM, and ERP systems and automates the delivery of intelligent product information as common documents and files or directly into business applications to downstream stakeholders on a global basis. Founded in 1997, Right Hemisphere is a privately held, venture-funded corporation based in Silicon Valley and Auckland, New Zealand.

   Scalable Graphics
615 rue du Jardin Botanique
54600 Villers-lès-Nancy
Phone: +33 3 83 59 30 71
Fax: +33 3 83 27 83 19
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   Scalable Graphics is a spin-off company of Inria, relying on over 10 years of research and development in the field of high performance computing and visualization for 3D applications.

Our main product, Direct Transport Compositor, is a 100% software solution (based on InfiniBand interconnect) of parallel image compositing. It allows any number of processors (CPU) and graphics processors (GPU) to concentrate their effort on a single display, without any modification to the standard 3D applications.

We do not only scale the graphics performance of 3D applications, but we also optimize and enhance the whole pipeline, including data management (parallel inputs/outputs) and computations (parallel computing, computing on the GPU / GPGPU / Cuda).

For instance, our Regular Grid Service product is a client / server based service which allows the management, the visualization, the manipulation and the computing of very large regular grids (seismic, RMI, computing codes...) on PC clusters.

In addition to our software solutions, we offer a full spectrum of IT services in the domain of 3D visualization and parallel computing: consulting, training, software development and systems integration.

More information on our web site: //

Prastgatan 78
11129 Stockholm
+46 8 559 24 616
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   Sciss has worked for four years together with some of the world’s leading scientific institutions, including NASA and tens of natural history museums, science centers and similar public venues, to develop the Uniview software platform. Former vice president Al Gore is one of many who have chosen to use Uniview to convey a message, and millions of visitors to museums globally have seen the stories that he and many others have created using Uniview products.

The Uniview platform is licensed as two off the shelf software products, Uniview Theater and Uniview Producer, to tourist venues such as museums and digital planetariums globally. 45–50% of Sciss’ current market is in North America, closely followed by Europe, Japan and Australia. In addition to organic market growth and increased market share, Sciss is also exploring new vertical markets for its products and aspire to build a significant ecosystem of producers and consumers of narratives based on data visualization and computer graphics.

   Seeing Machines
Level 1, 11 Lonsdale St.
Braddon ACT 2612 Australia
+61 2 6103 4700
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   Seeing Machines specializes in visual computing algorithms that track faces and facial features in real time. Using only a standard web-camera, our software performs automatic 3D headtracking that can drive advanced visualizations and parallax 3D VR. Seeing Machines image processing technology can also track lip and eyebrow movement, for determining facial expression, which can then be mapped in real-time to avatars or fed into an in-game AI. The core technology also includes tracking of eye-gaze direction and eyelid closure. Seeing Machines face tracking brings a new level of visual intelligence to software by allowing games, programs and other devices to understand their users in totally new ways.

   Sixense Entertainment
15466 Los Gatos Blvd, #214
Los Gatos, CA 95032
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   Sixense Entertainment Inc.’s founders have been developing motion-tracking input devices for more than 15 years, with a primary focus on entertainment, especially games. The Sixense MTS delivers true six-degrees-of-freedom tracking, enabling the player to use natural, physical motion to interact with the images on the screen.

The current Sixense MTS’s underlying technology was originally developed and marketed by the leading global provider of 3D position/orientation tracking systems. These products are well known and accepted as the standard for use in the medical, university research, military training and simulation, and computer-aided design applications. These devices are the most accurate, precise and reliable motion-tracking control systems available in the world.

   Spatial View
144 Front Street West, Suite 560
Toronto, ON M5J 2L7
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   Spatial View is a pioneer in 3D image processing and auto-stereoscopic display. Headquartered in Canada, with R&D and engineering coordinated by Spatial View GmbH, Germany, this international team develops products that transcend the boundaries of 2D imaging, opening new dimensions and interactive solutions in medicine, engineering, geo-informational systems, advertising and entertainment. The company’s vision is to make 3D more accessible, affordable, versatile, and inspiring. With the SVI family of software and a variety of high quality auto-stereo displays, Spatial View offers a wetitleh of adaptable solutions enabling the presentation of 3D rich content of all types, in full dimensionality, for specititley as well as the consumer mass market.

1240 La Avenida
Mountain View, CA 94043
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   Sportvision’s solutions have enhanced experiences for fans and marketing partners of virtually every major sports league and sporting event, including the Olympic Games, Super Bowl, NBA Finals, Daytona 500 and The World Series among others. Sportvision creates valuable assets and derives many of its products by capturing the live Digital Record of a sporting event (location of cars, the trajectory of a ball in flight, object orientation and speed, etc.) powering new forms of content that is transforming the way fans interact with their favorite sport across all media platforms, with notable applications including GameDay on and RaceView on The Company has won eight Emmy Awards, including three for its signature broadcast products the Yellow 1st & Ten Line™ and K Zone™.

5621 Arapahoe Avenue, Suite A
Boulder, CO 80303
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   Tech-X Corporation develops advanced software to support our customer's research in areas such as plasma physics, nuclear fusion and particle accelerator technologies, as well as high-performance data analysis.

In leveraging the highly specialized expertise of our staff, which consists of Physicists, Computer Scientists, and Mathematicians, the company combines high-performance computing and advanced numerical methods to help our customers solve their most challenging scientific problems. The vast amount of processing power utilized by client's computations requires Tech-X's pursuit of research and development with the latest computational technologies, ranging from petascale parallel computing to reconfigurable hardware and GPUs. As a result our research, a broad range of software products, consulting expertise, and related technologies have been developed. Among them is GPULib, a tool to enable scientists to take advantage of GPUs for their computational modeling and data analysis tasks in very high level languages like IDL, MATLAB, and Python.

#500-4400 Dominion Street
Burnaby, BC V5G 4G3
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   Teradici has developed a unique technology, called PC-over-IP, which makes network delivered computing a viable corporate computing reality. Teradici is the first to enable an exceptional end-user experience for datacenter-based computing. Through a combination of unique graphics algorithms and high-performance silicon processing, the company is changing how personal computers are used, deployed and managed.

Teradici’s PC-over-IP® technology delivers an uncompromised workstation experience including full 3D graphics, full frame rate HD media, and full USB peripheral interoperability. A unique hardware-based display compression solution delivers this no-caveat experience over a standard IP network and enables IT to consolidate users across the entire enterprise user base from mainstream office workers to extreme graphics users.

   Total Immersion
10687 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 10
Los Angeles, CA 90025
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   Total Immersion pioneered the business of augmented reality in 1999 and is today the industry leader – in both concept and execution. Total Immersion’s software, D’FUSION®, enables the real-time integration of interactive 3D graphics into live video flows. Operating on standard PC devices and compatible with HD, this technology blurs the line between the virtual and the real world. Without D’FUSION objects were trapped within the confines of the screen or the display.

Total Immersion provides new ways for consumers to interact with established brands in a practical, yet entertaining, engaging way. By breathing new life into brands that consumers may take for granted or brands/product categories that have become dormant, Total Immersion creates real-world experiences that deliver significant ROI.

1 Avenue de l'Europe
Campus 1
Bâtiment F
31400 Toulouse
+33 (0)5 61 75 50 43
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   Founded in 2002, Vertice ( is located in Toulouse, France. Vertice, sister company of Bewise (, develops and distributes the Nova range (real time 3D engine and solution of real time visualization based on the GPU rendering) and accompanies its customers in the customization of applications. The Nova range is:
- Nova 2009 for 3ds Max: all 3ds Max in real time quickly and simply
- Nova 2009 Standalone: import, visualize, set up, communicate
- Nova 2009 for Revit: explore in real time all your buildings created with Revit
- Nova Server: The server rendering solution for your Nova scenes

300, Avenue Des Papeteries
38190 Villard Bonnot
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   Created in 2007, Visiogloble is a simplified joint stock company. It is developing and editing an innovative software solution for 3D real time:
- interactive navigation
- geolocalization
- local search

The technology is targeted towards the mobile phone, automotive and 3D map visualization markets.

Visiogloble software solution can implement cartographic, geographical and real facades data coming from various sources (TeleAtlas, Navteq, IGN, Mappy …). It provides real time navigation with very high quality of images (+60i/s with high level of details / textures) and possibility to add virtual items such as shop, restaurants, hotels recommendation and advertisements, and public transports information.

With proprietary data compression and optimization algorithms, Visioglobe makes 3D use possible on any mobile phone, GPS moving platforms equipped with 3D chip with on board and off board cartography.

4400 Bohannon Drive
Menlo Park, CA 94025
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   Vivaty brings highly immersive avatar and virtual world experiences into the consumer’s web browsing experience. The company’s revolutionary platform delivers the highest quality 3D virtual experience directly into the web browser and fully integrated with consumer web experiences like social networks, video viewing, photo sharing, instant messaging, and branded or community web properties. Founded in 2007, Vivaty is led by a proven management team and is backed by top tier venture capitalists Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB), and Mohr Davidow Ventures (MDV).

Science Park 2
66123 Saarbruecken
+49 681 9593 141
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   During the past few years, computer games and training simulations have evolved in complexity and graphic intensity. Yet, one critical area remains sorely lacking: artificial intelligence. Until now, the behavior of agents in a game or simulation has either been manually programmed, or created by solutions that primarily focus on pathfinding and basic decision-making. xaitment’s passion for AI has led to the development of the modular xaitEngine, a system that enables game and simulation developers with no previous AI knowledge to create realistic intelligence and rational human behavior for enemies and non-player characters (NPCs) alike. A spin-off of the world renowned German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), xaitment has developed to be a full fletched AI partner striving to bring game characters to life by suffusing their decision-making process and team operations with realistic influences, such as basic reactions, goals, rewards, consequences and even emotions. xaitment’s vision is to extend the life of every game and simulation by immersing your customers in a world of characters who learn and evolve, just like humans.

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