Quadro nView Release 149.34

Versione: 149.34
Data di rilascio: 2018.07.16
Sistema operativo: Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit
Lingua: Italiano
Dimensioni: 8.25 MB

Vantaggi principali della release

“NVIDIA nView is a Desktop Management Software for NVIDIA NVS and NVIDIA Quadro products. nView delivers a range of tools & functions that enables users to efficiently manage their system’s single or multi monitor workspace as well as accelerate the navigation through their system’s information. nView is also available as part of the display driver package. Use this standalone version if you need to update nView independently, without updating the NVIDIA Display Driver.”

New features available in this version of the nView Software:

    • New visual user interface for window management for entire desktop including virtual desktops (Windows 7 and later)
    • Visual user interface to add and modify gridlines
    • New user interface to access all nView features
  • Refer to the user guide for the full feature set.

    Minimum required NVIDIA Display Driver version is 310.70.

    Prodotti supportati

    Quadro Products:
    K600, K5000, K4000, K2000D, K2000, FX 5800, FX 580, FX 570, FX 5600, FX 4800, FX 4700 X2, FX 4600, FX 380 Low Profile, FX 3800, FX 380, FX 3700, FX 370, FX 3450, FX 1800, FX 1700, CX, 7000, 6000, 600, 5000, 410, 4000 for Mac, 4000, 400, 2000D, 2000

    Quadro NVS series:
    NVS 510, NVS 450, NVS 420, NVS 315, NVS 310, NVS 300, NVS 295, NVS 290

    Quadro Plex series:
    S Series, Model IV, D Series, 7000

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