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Nicolas Pinto

Nicolas Pinto is a PhD Student in Computational Neuroscience at MIT. He is currently a member of the DiCarlo Lab at MIT, the Sinha Lab for Vision Research at MIT, and the Cox Visual Neuroscience Group at Harvard/Rowland. His research interests lie at the intersection of Brain and Computer Sciences.

The overarching goal of his main research project is to dramatically accelerate the development of computational theories of how the visual cortex accomplishes object recognition. In addition to advancing our understanding of how the brain works by generating new experimentally-testable hypotheses, this approach also holds great promise for the development of new artificial vision systems. A key innovation in his work is the ability to leverage the computational power of disruptive technologies like NVIDIA's GPUs to provide new insights into this fundamental problem.

Before coming to the United States, Nicolas studied in Brazil (PUC-Rio), South Korea (CBNU), Switzerland (CERN) and received two M.S. in Computer Science (Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence) from the University of Technology of Belfort-Montbeliard (UTBM, France) and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Ingénieurs Sud Alsace (ENSISA/UHA, France).

This is Nicolas’ second year being awarded the NVIDIA Graduate Fellowship.

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