Present at GTC

Participate at GTC with a talk on a GPU-related topic and share your vision with many of the world's brightest minds. Presenters receive a GTC conference pass.


Details Date
Call for talks December 5, 2019
Call for talks closes July 24, 2020
Final notifications August 21, 2020
Provide final presentation September 4, 2020

If you have any questions or would like to reach the GTC Content Team, please contact us.


Submissions must be about your work using GPUs. It can be completed work or work currently in progress. Submissions must provide actual or expected results/accomplishments and must demonstrate a significant innovation or improvement using GPU computing.


The GTC Content Committee will review, rate, and select submissions based on:

  • Technical details and performance results offered and insights to be learned
  • Relevance and timeliness of the presentation to GPU computing
  • Presenter credentials and expertise in the subject matter
  • Presenter public speaking experience(s)


If your submission is focused on a service, technology, or a new product your company is offering, please contact us for information on sponsored session opportunities.


You will be required to provide the following information in your submission:

  • Session Title: Maximum of 10 Chinese words and maximum 15 English words. Should be enticing and concisely tell attendees what your session is about.
  • Session Duration: 50-minute Talk (maximum 2 presenters)
  • Audience Level:
    • Beginner: Limited or no prior knowledge or experience is required. Session helps attendees learn the fundamentals of a subject area.
    • Intermediate: Some knowledge of the subject area is required. Session helps attendees enhance their knowledge of a subject area.
    • Advanced: Greatly developed knowledge of the subject area is required. Session helps attendees heighten their already advanced knowledge of a subject area.
  • Topics: Select up to three topics from a dropdown list of pre-approved topic areas.
  • Session Description: Maximum 200 words in Chinese and maximum 300 words in English – for use on an online scheduler and other online marketing tools. The Session Description must explain what the attendee will learn from your presentation.
  • Extended Abstract & Results: Maximum 500 words – provide details on what your session is about including examples and actual or expected results/accomplishments that will help the Content Committee better understand the technical merits of your submission. The Extended Abstract will not be published.
  • Presenter's Information: Name, organization, job title, email and phone number
  • Presenter Biography: Maximum 200 words in Chinese and maximum 300 words in English
  • Presenter Headshot: high resolution photo no less than 1800x2700px
  • Presenter Agreement: To be considered for a session the Presenter Agreement must be completed
  • Permission to Webcast and/or Record: A confirmation of whether or not you agree to be recorded and/or webcast is needed.
  • Supporting Material: Supporting material is required to assist the Content Review Committee in better understanding your work. Provide supplemental information that supports your session proposal. Additional materials may include white papers, research work, videos, images, demos, proof of concept, etc.