• SHIELD Experience 升級至版本 9.1

    What's New in 9.1?

    Automatic Game Mode comes to SHIELD TV

    SHIELD TV now automatically switches your TV to low latency “game mode” when playing your favorite games. Whether gaming from the cloud with GeForce NOW or playing an Android game locally, your gaming experience will feel more responsive than ever.

    *Requires display with Automatic Low Latency Mode (ALLM) support

    SHIELD adds Night Listening Mode

    Enjoy watching movies or playing games at night without disturbing your family. Night listening mode automatically levels both loud explosions and quiet dialog to deliver a consistent listening experience even if the volume is set low.

    New or Upgraded Apps


    JioPages is a web browser that’s exclusively designed for Android TV. Use your remote or the virtual mouse on the SHIELD TV app for easy navigation, text entry, and even two-finger scrolling.

    Disney+: Upgraded!

    Disney+: Upgraded!
    Disney+ adds IMAX enhanced viewing on SHIELD TV, including a 1.90:1 expanded aspect ratio, letting you view 26% more of the original image on your TV.

    New GeForce NOW Games

    Dying Light 2 [4K]

    Dying Light 2 [4K]
    Travel to one of the remaining bastions of humanity, the city of Villedor. Enter its strongholds, meet its people, restore hope, and unwind the past that may now come back to haunt you.

    Destiny 2: The Witch Queen [4K/HDR]

    Destiny 2: The Witch Queen [4K/HDR]
    A twisted wonderland of corruption and splendor, Savathun’s Throne World plays host to a fragile balance of terrifying power. Seek the truth and learn that in this place, mystery makes its home in both the Darkness and the Light.

    Rainbow Six Extraction [4K]

    Rainbow Six Extraction [4K]
    Dive into the next mainline Rainbow Six tactical co-op shooter. Whether you go in alone or in a squad of three, each mission brings intense, thrilling, and unpredictable experiences.

    SIFU [4K]

    SIFU [4K]
    The hunt for the assassins of your family will take you through the hidden corners of the city, from gang-ridden suburbs to cold hallways of corporate towers. You have one day, and countless enemies on your way.

    Apex Legends: S13 [4K]

    Apex Legends: S13 [4K]
    Leap into the fray and shield your squad mates in Saviors. Introducing new Legend Newcastle, a knight in shining armor, a monstrous new update to Storm Point, a reworked Ranked system and more.

    Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order [4K/HDR]

    Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order [4K/HDR]
    Aided by a former Jedi Knight, a prickly pilot, and a fearless droid companion, you must escape the sinister machinations of the Imperial forces in this story driven adventure.

    Other Enhancements

    • Includes Android security patch level June 2022
    • Adds notification when app uses microphone
    • [SHIELD Remote 2019] Adds option to only wake SHIELD with power or Netflix button
    • [Game Controllers] Adds option to only wake SHIELD with logo button
    • [SHIELD 2019] Adds option to match PCM audio with Dolby reference volume levels
  • SHIELD Experience 升級至版本 9.0

    9.0 有什麼全新功能?

    Android 11 在 SHIELD TV 上推出

    SHIELD TV 升級至 Android 11。


    Apple TV
    以 4K Dolby Vision 和 Dolby Atmos,觀看 Apple TV+ 上的 Apple 原創節目,例如《泰德拉索 (Ted Lasso) 》和《基地 (Foundation) 》。有最多的 4K HDR 作品供您選擇,可購買或租借超過 100,000 部電影和節目。

    Google Play 影視新增支援 Dolby Vision
    在您的 SHIELD TV 上,以令人驚豔的 Dolby Vision HDR 和 4K 畫質觀看最新的好萊塢大片。



    《Apex 英雄 (Apex Legends) 》羽化重生

    《極地戰嚎 6 (Far Cry 6) 》

    《奇異人生:本色 (Life Is Strange: True Colors) 》
    科羅拉多的山林深處,就是 Haven Springs 的所在地。扮演 Alex Chen,用您的超能力揭開這個小礦鎮的神秘面紗,發現令人震驚的秘密。

    《虹彩六號:圍攻行動 (Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege) 》第 6 年的第 3 賽季「水晶護衛」
    扮演 Osa,用她透明又防彈,而且可以手持或用於部署的 Talon-8 護盾掌握團隊位置,在策劃進攻策略的同時提供受到保護的視線。


    • 包括 2021 年 9 月的 Android 安全修補程式層級
    • 新增支援 aptX 相容的藍牙耳機
    • 新增在休眠時自動斷開藍牙裝置連線的選項
    • 新增符合內容音訊解析度 (高解析度音訊) 的選項
    • 新增全新 Gboard 鍵盤選項
    • 新增全新節能設定,可自訂額外的電源項目
    • 在 XBOX、Playstation 和 SHIELD 控制器新增支援 Stadia 按鈕
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