Configure DDisplay Utility

Versión: 1.8
Fecha de publicación: 2024.03.19
Driver Recommendation: NVIDIA RTX Driver Release R550 and later
Sistema operativo: Windows 11 Pro/Enterprise (21H2 and later)
Idioma: Español (España)
Tamaño: 0.64 MB


The command line tool configureDdisplay.exe is used to remove displays from the Windows desktop compositor, and to return displays to the Windows desktop compositor. Displays removed from the desktop can be used by other compositors.

After a display has been removed from the desktop, the Windows desktop can no longer be extended or cloned to the display. The display can be acquired through one or more of the following APIs:

  • A VK_KHR_display style VkSwapchainKHR.
  • The Windows API defined in the namespace Windows.Devices.Display.Core.
  • The NVAPI function NvAPI_DISP_AcquireDedicatedDisplay.

The command line syntax is:

configureDdisplay.exe <optional global options> command <optional command-specific options>

Full help is available via configureDdisplay.exe --help 

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