企業將擴增實境 (AR) 及虛擬實境 (VR) 整合到工作流程中,協助進行設計審閱、虛擬製作,並提供適地性娛樂等更多支援。NVIDIA CloudXR 是採用 NVIDIA RTX 技術的突破性創新解決方案,能透過 5G 及 Wi-Fi 網路提供虛擬實境與擴增實境。NVIDIA RTX 虛擬工作站軟體可以讓 CloudXR 在資料中心和邊緣網路全面擴充。CloudXR SDK 隨附伺服器元件的安裝程式和開放原始碼用戶端應用程式,可將延展實境 (XR) 內容從 OpenVR 應用程式串流到 Android 和 Windows 裝置。

現已推出:CloudXR 3.2

探索最新功能和開發成果、取得應用程式的詳細資訊,並申請獲取 SDK。

CloudXR 最新消息與案例

影像來源:Factory 42

利用 NVIDIA RTX、CloudXR 與 5G 網路打造身歷其境的擴增實境虛擬雨林。

在營造與維護的每個層面都考量到永續性。Factory 42 能利用 NVIDIA RTX 和 CloudXR,幫助觀眾在生態友善的虛擬空間中,與數百種熱帶樹木、植物和花草互動。

NVIDIA CloudXR 現已於 Google Cloud Marketplace 提供

NVIDIA CloudXR 現已透過 Google Cloud Marketplace 公開上市,並以 NVIDIA 虛擬工作站作為虛擬機器映像 (VMI)。

NVIDIA CloudXR 現已整合至 Vmware Workspace ONE XR Hub

NVIDIA 與 VMware 推出整合 NVIDIA CloudXR 的 Workspace ONE XR Hub,可透過最高品質的延展實境體驗,為企業提供雲端延展實境串流技術。


The World's Brightest Minds. One Unique Event.

Join us this GTC to discover how extended reality (XR) has changed the way we enjoy entertainment, interact with friends, and get our jobs done. NVIDIA continues to be at the forefront of delivering groundbreaking solutions for AR and VR, and we’ve brought together an amazing lineup of sessions to show off the very latest.

  • The Journey to Collaborative Virtual Workspaces: PopUp-XR at Volvo Group

    • Jan Wurster | Solution and Technology Expert, ESI Group
    • Steven Horton | Group Manager Vehicle Strategy, Volvo Group Trucks Technology

    From engineering design to manufacturing planning, product development life cycles are transforming into fully digital processes. Eliminating physical prototypes generates proven cost and lead-time benefits, but requires enterprises to learn to trust virtual methodologies. Satisfying the requirements introduced by these transformative changes means adopting new technologies, virtual techniques, and integrated processes. Volvo has brought Collaborative Virtual Workspaces from concept to productive use. With ESI’s collaborative extended reality (XR) ecosystem solutions and ubiquitous availability built on top of NVIDIA’s CloudXR streaming technology, teams work in shared, easy-to-use XR environments for immediate solution identification and decisions. We explored the practical deployment of XR anywhere, anytime, from solution design to systems and device integration, providing a deep dive into technology and scalability concepts democratizing XR in the digital enterprise.

  • Next-Gen CloudXR: Bring your engineering and construction projects to life

    • William Cannady | Technical Product Manager, NVIDIA
    • Greg Demchak | Director of Digital Innovation Lab, Bentley Systems, Bentley Systems

    The NVIDIA CloudXR SDK empowers developers to deliver highly complex applications and 3D data to low-powered VR & AR devices. We discuss what is NVIDIA CloudXR, how to get started integrating the SDK into your applications, and benefits customers have shared during their development. We learn from Bentley Systems as they discuss how NVIDIA CloudXR introduces new ways of work while preserving and elevating existing AEC/O workflows for design and building.

  • Bring the Green Planet into your hands with 5G, AR and Edge Compute

    • Steven Stewart | CTO, Factory 42

    Learn how CloudXR helped deliver an innovative mobile augmented reality (AR) experience, through a 5G private network, to thousands of people in Piccadilly Circus, London. Deep dive into the challenges that were overcome to bring the natural worlds in the Green Planet AR experience, inspired by the BBC’s Green Planet TV series, into the hands of so many people. Get a behind-the-scenes look at how digital plants, spatialized audio, and a holographic David Attenborough combined to deliver an interactive journey that inspires and motivates audiences to make positive changes in helping our planet recover from the climate crisis.

XR Luminaries at GTC22

CloudXR 影片

  • 製造業
  • 建築、工程、營造與營運
  • 媒體與娛樂

Autodesk VRED

以 Autodesk VRED 渲染,透過 5G 網路串流


ESI Group IC.IDO 協作虛擬實境環境


為何 SAP 選擇使用 Innoactive Creator 和 Portal

Luxion KeyVR

只需按一下,就能從 Luxion 的 KeyShot 切換到 KeyVR 串流擴增實境

Theia Interactive

影像來源:Theia Interactive。

透過 Theia Interactive,在建築、工程與營造模型中享有沉浸式體驗。

Masterpiece VR

透過串流徜徉在身臨其境的 3D 設計和角色創作之中

Dreamscape Immersive

影像來源:Dreamscape Interactive。

瞭解如何使用 NVIDIA CloudXR,將這種身歷其境的體驗串流給使用者。




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  • 整合
  • 設計師/工作室

現已推出:CloudXR 3.2

探索最新功能和開發成果、取得應用程式的詳細資訊,並申請獲取 SDK。