Find Your Alternate ID

To protect your personal information, NVIDIA has created an alternate ID number that’s used in place of your Social Security number (SSN). This alternate ID number can be used to identify you in any of the Cigna plans for medical and mental health services, Delta Dental, VSP, Crossover, LegalEase, Identity Force, GuidanceResources EAP, pet insurance, Hospital Indemnity, and Accident Insurance. 

Here’s how to find your alternate ID number: 81 + your two-digit year of birth + your NVIDIA employee number (up to five digits). If your NVIDIA employee number is less than five digits, simply precede it with enough zeroes to create a full nine-digit number. To locate your employee number, log into your Workday profile or the NVINFO phone directory. 

For example, John’s birth year was 1978, and his employee number is 6852. His alt ID is: 81 + 78 + 06852 = 817806852.