Dental Plans

The NVIDIA Dental Plan allows in-network preventive care (cleanings, exams, and X-rays) at 100%. The PPO plan provides three cleanings per year. See the details on what you pay for basic and major care and orthodontia. See how the plans compare [PDF].

The NVIDIA Dental Plan uses the Delta Dental PPO and Premier networks for in-network dental services. Provider lists can be found on the Delta Dental website, or download Delta Dental's mobile app to find a dentist, view ID cards and claim status, and more. Go to Google Play or the App Store.

NVIDIA created an alternate ID number to use in place of your SSN. This alternate ID number can be used to identify you in Delta Dental. The formula for your alt ID is: 81 + your 2-digit year of birth + your NVIDIA badge number (up to 5 digits). If your NVIDIA badge number is less than 5 digits, simply precede it with enough zeroes to create a full 9-digit number.

For example, John’s birth year was 1978, and his employee badge number is 6852. His alt ID is: 81 + 78 + 06852 = 817806852.