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Healthcare and benefits can feel like a language all their own. This glossary can help you better understand common terms associated with your benefits plans.

Need Help?

Need Help?

For questions about our benefits, contact the NVIDIA Benefits Help Line at 1-844-807-7600 or by email. NVIDIANs can also submit a help ticket through HR Help.

Additional Resources

Who’s Eligible?

NVIDIANs scheduled to work at least 20 hours a week can enroll in NVIDIA’s health and welfare programs.

Claims and Expenses

Submitting benefit expenses or claims is easy. Here’s what you need to know.

Medical Plan Cost Comparison

There’s a lot to think about when selecting a medical plan. What you pay each year for coverage (your premium) and when you receive care (your plan) is a big consideration.

Dedicated Cigna Support

We know how important a personal touch is when it comes to many things, especially healthcare. That's why we've invested in a unique, hands-on service—a dedicated Cigna rep.

Health Savings Account FAQ

Read some of the most commonly asked HSA questions.

Special Enrollment Periods

To see what changes you can make and to enroll, go to the U.S. Benefits Enrollment Site.

Qualified Status Changes

Outside of open enrollment, you can make changes to your coverage within 31 days if you have a qualified status change or if you lose coverage (in certain cases).

Find Your Alternate ID

NVIDIA created an alternate ID number to use in place of your SSN. This alternate ID number can be used to identify you in any of the Cigna plans for medical and mental health services, Delta Dental, and VSP vision plans.

Tax Savings

You can put a little green back in your pocket by participating in programs for services you already use. Here are five NVIDIA tax-saving programs.

Privacy Policy and Legal Disclaimer

Respecting and protecting the privacy of our employees is a top priority at NVIDIA. The following information explains our information practices and the privacy aspects of this website.

Contacts and Policy Numbers

Looking for a plan's policy number? Lost your medical plan ID card? Need to change your life insurance beneficiaries? Here’s who to contact for all of your benefits needs.

Mobile Apps

Take your benefits on the go. Download the mobile apps our partners provide.

Plan Documents

Access medical, dental, and vision comparison charts, premium information, summaries of benefits coverage, and more.

Webinars and Recordings

Check out upcoming webinars and access replays of recent family, health, and financial workshops.

Shared Experiences

Explore how others are getting the most from their NVIDIA benefits. Select someone’s story to read.