Support for Special Needs and Developmental Disabilities

If you’re caring for a child with a learning, social, or behavioral challenge, or a developmental disability, you know they have unique needs and may need additional support in order to thrive. That’s why NVIDIA offers RethinkCare (passcode NVIDIA), featuring award-winning, research-based, one-on-one telephone support, plus 24/7 access to online resources, to help you and your support team better understand, teach, and communicate with your child. There is no diagnosis needed and no age restrictions. And RethinkCare services are available at no cost to you.

Receive free, live tele-consultations with behavior experts to answer questions, and provide guidance and resources to help you help your child reach their potential, including how to:

  • Decrease problem behaviors and improve the home environment
  • Collaborate more effectively with school and other caregivers
  • Teach your child crucial skills in socialization, language, self-help, academics, and employment

You can also access to hundreds of videos featuring behavior experts and educators teaching children language, socialization, self-help, and academic, and vocational skills to children. Printable materials and on-demand web-based training complement these tools. Topics include: 

  • Language: From beginning speech to back-and-forth conversation
  • Socialization: From making eye contact and basic sharing to telling jokes and working in groups
  • Self-help: From using utensils and dressing to brushing teeth, hygiene, and doing laundry
  • Academics: From matching and following directions to answering reading comprehension and math word problems
  • Vocational: From filing and sorting to filling out a job application

Get Started

Enroll at (code: NVIDIA) or call 1-800-714-9285.

Support for Parental Success

Rethink Benefits is now RethinkCare. Check out the upgraded parenting benefits: Support for Parental Success.