Losing a Loved One

If you’ve lost a loved one, bereavement time is available to you. When you’re ready, you and your family can also lean on GuidanceResources EAP to help support you through the grieving process.

Things To Do

Losing a loved one is a life event, so there are a few benefits-related actions you’ll need to take within 31 days:

  • Review your medical plan by logging into the Benefits Enrollment site. You may be interested in changing your plan as well as your list of covered dependents.  
  • Review your 401(k) and Health Savings Account contributions by logging into the Fidelity site.
  • Review and update your beneficiaries by visiting our NVINFO Beneficiaries page for information about NVIDIA programs such as equity, retirement, and life insurance (NVINFO > My Info > My Beneficiaries). 
    • Also make sure to review and update beneficiaries for any personal accounts such as banking, investments, and other insurance.

To see what other benefit changes you may want to consider making, go to the Benefits Enrollment Site.

Survivor Benefits

If you have supplemental life insurance for your loved one, through NVIDIA contact the Benefits Team at 1-408-566-1234 or NVIDIA-Benefits@nvidia.com. They’ll walk you through the life insurance claims process.

GuidanceResources EAP

Often, it’s helpful to have someone to talk to. GuidanceResources EAP provides you with professional, private, and confidential services through a network of qualified counselors and resources. You and each family member in your household can receive up to eight counseling sessions with a counselor per incident each year at no cost to you. Learn more.

Contact GuidanceResources EAP at 1-844-729-5172 or online at guidanceresources.com. Register with Web ID: NVIDIA.

Additional support can be found here.

Legal Help

Learn more about getting help with wills and estate needs.