Gender Affirmation Support

Gender affirmation is a positive life event and something we celebrate at NVIDIA. It can also be a stressful and emotional journey. We provide a variety of mental health resources in addition to physical health benefits to help you or your family member transition.

Whether you’re looking for support for yourself or a loved one, you’ve come to the right place.

  • Our Policies

    Part of being an NVIDIA employee means abiding by Our Code, which ensures a respectful environment for all. We commit to honoring human rights, treating each other with respect, promoting diversity, and creating a safe and secure work environment for our people and those we partner with.


    Our anti-harassment policy prohibits discrimination against, harassment of, and retaliation against our employees for many reasons—and it’s important to know that harassment based on gender, gender identity, gender expression, or transgender status violates Our Code and policies.


    Additionally, we provide information on gender identity and expression in the workplace to help employees and managers understand their roles, responsibilities, and rights.

  • Your Benefits

    We provide a wide variety of benefits and resources for gender affirmation.


    Regardless of whether you have coverage through Cigna or Kaiser, you have gender affirmation medical benefits. And our leave of absence programs provide the time you need to take care of your health.


    Your health plan may cover:


    • Gender-affirming surgery, other surgical services, travel, and lodging
    • Hair removal
    • Speech therapy
    • Hormone therapy visits and administration
    • Required lab testing
    • Behavioral counseling and mental health visits
    • Routine medical care


    For Cigna health plan participants:



    For Kaiser health plan participants:


    • Kaiser Transgender Member Resource Guide [PDF]
    • Kaiser Transgender Services Flyer [PDF]
    • Gender-affirming support resources – Anyone at Kaiser can help you; whether it’s your primary care practitioner, mental health department, or another member of the team, you will be assisted in getting the care you need. If you’re eager to talk to someone right away, you can give Kaiser a call at any time.
      • Northern California 1-510-752-7149
      • Southern California 1-323-857-3818


  • FAQs

    I’m transgender but I haven’t told anyone at work. What should I do? First, you never need to share anything you’re uncomfortable disclosing or before you’re ready. NVIDIA respects your privacy and expects employees to respect your privacy too. No one should ever out you or make you feel uncomfortable about your identity. If sharing is something you’d like to do, congratulations! Coming out is a huge deal, and we support you. Check out Gender Identity and Expression in the Workplace and the anti-harassment policy to familiarize yourself with how we support your disclosure.


    A loved one is transgender. How do I help them? Your support means so much. If your loved one is a dependent on your coverage, they’re eligible to receive gender affirmation benefits and use the available resources from NVIDIA. You can learn more about being a good ally by joining NVPride, our LGBTQ+ employee resource group, or doing some reading. Check out these resources:



    I’m so confused by all the terms. What is gender affirmation? That’s okay! There’s so much diversity, and we embrace it all. Being a strong ally or a member of the LGBTQ+ community doesn’t require you to know everything—it just requires you to be accepting and willing to learn. Gender affirmation is the recognition of the gender someone identifies with. Gender-affirming care refers to the variety of support available to help them live as their authentic selves. If you’re looking to learn more, familiarize yourself with the terms in Gender Identity and Expression in the Workplace, or check out the Human Rights Campaign.


    I’m transgender. Which bathroom can I use? You are welcome to use the facilities that correspond with your gender identity. Or if you feel more comfortable, you may use our gender-neutral or single-occupancy bathrooms. See Gender Identity and Expression in the Workplace for more information on restroom access outside the U.S.

Additional Support

If you need more help or information, we have additional support:


For more in-depth and legal details on what’s covered, review the 2022 plan documents.