Perks for Your Well-Being

Staying active is an important part of practicing good health. NVIDIA provides you and your loved ones with resources to keep it moving.

  • Virtual Workouts

    A number of our fitness discount partners include virtual programs with paid memberships. Click here for more information.

  • Perks from Your Health Insurance Provider

    Cigna Discounts and Programs - Healthy Rewards

    Using the Healthy Rewards discount program is easy. No referrals or claim forms needed! To view the programs available, logon to your account and from the homepage click on Wellness > Rewards & Programs > Healthy Rewards - Discount Programs.

    • Weight & Nutrition Management
    • Exercise & Physical Fitness
    • Alternative Medicine
    • Wellness & Health Products

    Cigna Discounts and Programs - Omada

    Omada is a personalized program that provides tools and support to help you reach your health goals, whether that's losing weight, managing diabetes, or lowering your blood pressure. All available at no cost to you.

    If you are eligible to join Omada, you’ll receive: 

    • One-on-one health coaching and support
    • Digital scale and blood pressure monitor to keep you on track  
    • A personalized dashboard to guide your journey
    • An online community tailored to your interests

     If you have diabetes, you’ll receive:

    • Specialized coaching from a certified diabetes specialist
    • Connected devices you need to monitor your glucose
    • Strategies for managing (or potentially reducing) medications
    • Immediate feedback on glucose readings

     If you have high blood pressure, you’ll receive:

    • Specialized health coaching for hypertension
    • Connected blood pressure monitor
    • Feedback to help you make sense of your readings
    • Strategies for managing or potentially reducing medications

     For more information, visit the Omada website.

    Kaiser’s Programs & Classes

    Check out our healthy living programs, classes, and special member rates.

    • Classes, support groups, and programs
    • Community support and financial help
    • Complementary care discounts
    • Fitness & exercise discounts
    • Healthy lifestyle programs
    • Total Health Assessment
    • Wellness coaching

    Kaiser’s Live Healthy

    Take advantage of these helpful wellness resources.

    • Health tools
    • Guided meditation sessions
    • Videos
  • Fitness Discounts

    Choose a discounted membership from a gym or fitness club, including Active & Fit Direct, Crunch Fitness, Core Power Yoga, and more. Click here to view the available discounts.

  • Crossover Health

    Be Well’s on-demand multimedia library of health content, including videos, weekly podcasts, live fitness classes and webinars.

  • Peppy

    Peppy provides you or a spouse/domestic partner with personalized, expert support for menopause and period pains and problems. You’ll have access to real, human experts through your smartphone.

    This service is available to anyone who identifies as a woman — including trans, non-binary, genderfluid, and nonconforming people.

    Menopause support

    Peppy’s menopause service offers clinical and emotional support for employees going through any stage of menopause, from the earliest onset of symptoms to the years of post-menopause.

    Period pains & problems support

    Peppy’s period pains & problems service focuses on endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).