Preparing For Your Kids' College

NVIDIA partners with Collegewise, the nation’s leading college counseling company, to offer complimentary one-on-one counseling, webinars, resources, office hours, and more for employees and their dependents.

Work one-on-one With a Collegewise Counselor

Sign up with Collegewise to get started with six complimentary hours with your very own expert counselor. You’ll also receive login access to Wise(r)net, our software that allows students and parents to view their progress, plan their next steps, access our proprietary data, and communicate directly with your counselor. Learn more.

Live Events

NVIDIA Exclusive College Admissions Webinars & Annual Seminar

Webinars led by admissions experts to help you navigate the pressing questions and the rapidly changing admissions landscape. And, we’ll continue to remind you of all that isn’t changing and what you can control.

Ask Me Anything (AMA) and Office Hours

Join a live AMA and have any of your college questions answered on the spot by an admissions expert, while learning from the questions your colleagues ask.  Or, sign-up in advance to meet with a Collegewise counselor one-on-one to and questions and strategize.

Free Resources

  • Newsletters: expert admissions guidance delivered right to your inbox
  • Guides: pages of insight and advice on topics like Common App, STEM, and Athletic Recruitment
  • On-Demand videos: timely information, delivered the moment you’re ready
  • Weekly blog posts: smart, sane advice on myriad admissions topics

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answers to your most pressing questions. Check it out here.

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