Building Your Family

The decision to grow your family is a big one. During one of the most important moments in your life, we’re here to support you on whatever path you take.

Resources are available for adoption, fertility testing and IVF treatment, surrogacy, and beyond. However you expand your family, we provide equitable and fair support for you and those who mean the most in your life.

We’ve enhanced our family-building support to include surrogacy benefits through WINFertility to help you with every step of the surrogacy process.

To further support you, NVIDIA provides access to FertilityIQ, which provides educational resources to help you on your journey to becoming a parent. Access your free membership to take courses at your own pace on topics that matter to you. To get started, visit the FertilityIQ site (use code: NVIDIA). To learn more, read this overview and watch this video.

Fertility (for Cigna Members)

Fertility (for Kaiser Members)

Up to three IVF cycles are covered for Kaiser members. See your doctor for more information.


We’re pleased to offer you surrogacy benefits through WINFertility to help grow your family.

The experts at WINFertility are here to support you with a variety of resources, including:

  • Nurse and behavioral health consultations for you and your partner (if applicable)
  • WINFertility Nurse Care Managers for education on what your surrogate is experiencing
  • Surrogacy administration assistance to help with all parts of the process, from reviewing and authorizing reimbursement claims to helping you choose the right surrogate

Support in Selecting Your Surrogate

Choosing the right surrogate is a process, and WINFertility’s experienced team assists in referring you to the perfect partners. Their surrogacy administration includes referrals to pre-screened surrogates, legal counsel specializing in third-party reproduction, social workers and counselors, and pregnancy-monitoring support.

Note that due to IRS regulations, surrogacy benefits through WINFertility are considered taxable income.

Adoption Assistance

If your family is growing through adoption, we provide reimbursement to help cover the following qualified adoption expenses:

  • Agency and placement fees (including home-study fees)
  • Legal fees and court costs
  • Medical expenses for the adoptive child prior to placement for adoption
  • Temporary foster-care costs
  • Immigration, immunization, and translation fees
  • Travel and transportation costs (including meals and lodging)

See the WINFertility flyer for more details on what’s offered, and be sure to review the program details with your tax professional.