Mental Health

Keeping yourself healthy is more than a physical pursuit. It’s also a mental one. That’s why we provide a wide variety of resources to help you manage stress, anxiety, depression, loss, confusion, frustration, and any other challenge.  

If you need help now, schedule a virtual visit with a mental health care provider or contact the EAP, available 24/7, at 1-844-729-5172. 

You and any members of your household can get help from a counselor anytime—up to eight sessions at no cost to you. This also includes up to 5 wellbeing coaching sessions with a certified coach.

GuidanceResources EAP is powered by ComPsych. Call 1-844-729-5172 or visit to get the support you need now.

Examples of included services:

  • Telephonic support
  • Online articles, podcasts, and slideshows
  • On-demand trainings
  • Ask the expert
  • Work-life solutions
  • Legal guidance
  • Financial advice
  • Resource and referral
  • Dedicated virtual counselors
  • Virtual counseling visits for anyone in CA

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Get parenting tips from the behavior experts at RethinkCare. Resources are aimed to help you understand, teach, and better communicate with your child, including those with developmental and learning challenges. Talk with a behavior expert today to help your child reach their full potential.

In addition to parental success, RethinkCare’s professional resilience module also offers resources to support diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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Get connected with personal wellbeing solutions through educational content to support your overall mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Their digital platform can help you learn and apply integral skills to manage stress, anxiety, sleep issues, and more.

Take advantage of daily sessions and mini-courses to reduce stress, improve your sleep, manage your emotions, practice mindfulness, and enhance your physical health, so you can be your best self.

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Access educational content and resources to elevate your career, support neurodiversity in the workplace, and help foster an inclusive environment. Take courses on professional development, emotional intelligence, managing work stress, and collaboration. Learn how to improve communication skills, time management, and organization skills.

Employees can get connected with workplace neurodiversity experts to discuss your specific workplace challenges and learn strategies to address them. For example, experts can help with developing executive function skills and how to navigate daily work activities and relationships more effectively.

Leaders and employees can access support for creating an inclusive environment where all employees can thrive.

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NVIDIA employees enjoy special perks from to support your loved ones. Whether you’re working remotely or in an office, there are resources available for families and caregivers from Care@Work. Membership [PDF]:
Post jobs, search, and reach out to local caregivers 24/7, with unlimited access.

Backup Care for children and adults [PDF]:
Subsidized, vetted care when you need it most.

Senior Care Planning [PDF]:
Provides tools for the coordination and communication for your loved one’s care needs with your entire Care Team. Master’s degree-level social workers guide you through the intricacies of caring for aging loved ones.

Care Select [PDF]:
10% tuition discount with the largest network of early childhood education programs in the U.S., for children ages six weeks to school age.

Care Specialist [PDF]:
One-on-one assistance of a dedicated advisor who helps make finding your perfect caregiver easy.

Your insurance provider may offer additional resources on top of the mental health-focused resources that NVIDIA provides. Contact yours for more information.

Learn more about your medical plan on our NVIDIA Microsites 

Cigna members have access to Brightline, a mobile app, designed specifically to support kids and teens (18 months - 17 years) with a range of behavioral health needs, so every family can thrive