Commuter Expense Reimbursement

NVIDIA partners with WageWorks/HealthEquity to let you pay for transit and parking passes with pre-tax dollars. Coverage is on a month-to-month basis so you can sign up, make changes, or cancel at any time. Uber and Lyft currently do not offer eligible services and are not reimbursable with the Commuter benefits /debit card. Discover how to use commuter benefits for eligible expenses. Commuter — Getting started | HealthEquity | Help Center

Here’s How to Save

You can enroll in the Commuter Spending Account and pay for monthly parking passes or transit and vanpool expenses—up to $315 per month—with pre-tax dollars. To enroll, visit the U.S. Benefits Enrollment site. Go to My WageWorks Account and select your Commuter program. Please note: The tenth of each month is the deadline to sign up for the following month’s Commuter pass.

Here’s how it works: The cost of your monthly pass is automatically deducted from your paycheck. For example, if the monthly cost of your transit or vanpool expense is $200, it will be deducted evenly over the two pay periods from your paycheck.


This benefit is available to all employees who normally work 20 hours or more per week, including interns.