What does Stacey do since hired as a Full Time Employee?

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Intern | 21 years old | Single | No children

“I want to understand how NVIDIA can support my priorities if I join full time.”

Stacey recently joined NVIDIA as an intern. This first step of her career has inspired her to look at her overall priorities in a new light. And since she’s hoping to land a full-time gig at the company soon, she’s exploring how NVIDIA’s benefits can help support her. She checks out the medical, dental, and vision benefits, as well as the 401(k) Retirement Plan and the Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP). It looks like she can find good health coverage for a low premium, which is great for her budget. (Her parents are also pretty happy they won’t have to cover her on their plan anymore.) And she's pretty jazzed that NVIDIA will help pay off her student loans—up to $30,000—once she joins the company.

What does Stacey do since hired as a Full Time Employee?

  • She contacts EdAssist to schedule a free coaching session and/or GuidanceResources EAP to take advantage of free financial counseling. Both programs help her create and manage a budget, so she can start saving to pay off loans and then stay out of debt.
  • She adds, “Sign up for the Medical, Dental, and Vision plan” to her calendar for the week after she starts full time. She also makes a note to enroll in the 401(k) plan. She learned from her counseling sessions that the sooner she starts setting aside even a little money for retirement, the better. And the company will match a portion of her contributions.
  • Once hired, Stacey enrolls in the ESPP during the same month she becomes an employee. (If she doesn’t enroll during the month she’s hired, she’ll have another opportunity during the ESPP open enrollment periods in February and August). She’ll take advantage of the 15% discount, and sell her stock when the time is right to help pay off her student loans.
  • She’s also now eligible for the Student Loan Repayment program.  

Recent college grad | 23 years old | Single | No children

“I want to have enough money for rent and fun, while still paying off student loans.”

Arun is new to NVIDIA. He’s enrolled in the NVIDIA HSA medical plan because he’s healthy, and he likes that he doesn’t have to pay any premiums from his paycheck to participate in it. Plus NVIDIA gives him $2,000 in a Health Savings Account (HSA) that he can use in case he needs medical care. His uncle is a financial planner and strongly encouraged him to participate in the 401(k) Retirement Plan because the more he saves now, the less he’ll have to save when he’s older. Despite being so far from retirement, Arun puts 3% of his salary into his 401(k) account each year. His main concern is expensive Bay Area rents that are making it hard to pay off college debt, without cutting into his weekend budget.

What does Arun do?

  • Arun checks out ways to save on his commute. He can stash away some of his own money tax-free. This lets him expand where he looks for housing and find something better suited for his budget.
  • He contacts GuidanceResources EAP to take advantage of free financial counseling. Both programs help him set budgets for housing, student loans, and fun.
  • He joins the Employee Stock Purchase Program (ESPP) because it will give him extra money for a weekend slush fund and to pay off loans. By buying the shares at a discount, he hopes to take advantage of the market upswings.
  • He’s eligible for the student loan repayment program.

Recently transferred to U.S. from India | 37 years old | Single | Takes care of parents in India

“I want to learn more about my new U.S. benefits and take care of my parents.”

Sohan recently relocated from India to the U.S. He sees there are a lot of U.S. health and financial plans available. They’re different from what he had in India, so he takes some time to learn more about them. He enrolls in the NVIDIA HSA medical plan because it’s a great deal. No paycheck premiums and NVIDIA gives him $2,000 in a Health Savings Account (HSA) to cover health care expenses. That gives him more money in each paycheck to send to his parents back home. He’s heard his new colleagues talking about NVIDIA’s matching contributions to the 401(k) Retirement Plan He doesn’t know much about 401(k) plans, but makes a note to check it out. He also sees there's an Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)—and he doesn’t have to pay taxes until he sells his shares.  So, he decides to enroll.

What does Sohan do?

  • He decides to explore all the ways he can save on his U.S. taxes to keep as much money as possible in his pocket to send to his parents—including enrolling in the 401(k) plan and making his own contributions to his HSA.
  • He contacts GuidanceResources to take advantage of free financial counseling. They help him set budgets that include a “parents fund.”
  • He visits Fidelity and watches the video on the NVIDIA intranet to learn more about the 401(k) plan, including company-matching dollars.
  • He checks out the ESPP and learns that taxes are deferred until he sells his shares. This encourages him to enroll and save extra money to send home.

Approaching Medicare eligibility | 64 years old | Married | Wants to continue working beyond 65

“I want to figure out how Medicare and my NVIDIA benefits work together.”

Victor turns 65 in six months, and Medicare information has started arriving in the mail. He covers himself and his retired wife (age 63) on the NVIDIA HSA Plus medical plan. He hadn’t given much thought before to Medicare, but knows the time has come to figure out how it works. Because he’s close to retirement, it’s important to him to max out all tax-sheltered accounts, like his 401(k) Retirement Plan and Health Savings Account (HSA). He knows that staying healthy and being a smart health care consumer are key to financial success—especially after retirement. He checks out NVIDIA’s resources to help.

What does Victor do?

  • He schedules an appointment with a Fidelity representative to talk about his monthly budget as he prepares for retirement. This includes how much he’ll need from his 401(k) plan to supplement his savings to pay for everyday expenses, as well as the COBRA costs for his wife once he leaves NVIDIA.
  • He continues to max out his 401(k) and HSA, including 401(k) catch-up contributions and additional contributions to the HSA because he’s over age 55.
  • He continues to participate in the Employee Stock Purchase Program. By buying the shares at a discount, he can lock in a healthy gain if he chooses to.
  • He contacts the NVIDIA Benefits Help Line (1-844-807-7600 or email NVIDIA-Benefits@nvidia.com) to discuss his medical options once he becomes eligible for Medicare.

Single parent | 47 years old | Two children

“I want to protect my entire family's health, build wealth for the future, and bolster the kids’ college funds at the same time.”

Lee has a lot of competing priorities—work, saving for retirement, and taking care of his kids. He enrolls in the NVIDIA PPO plan because most services are covered by a copay. That kind of predictability helps him sleep better at night. He contributes 6% of his salary to the NVIDIA 401(k) Retirement Plan. He knows that he should save more (retirement isn’t as far off as it once seemed), but he also wants to give his kids—8 and 10 years old—the same opportunities his parents gave him, including helping them pay for college. He also wants to limit any unexpected expenses that might derail his financial plans.

What does Lee do?

  • He contacts GuidanceResources to talk to a financial counselor about how much money he should contribute to his 401(k) versus how much to put toward college.
  • He opens a 529 College Savings plan to start a college fund for his kids.
  • He uses both the Day Care and Health Care Flexible Spending Accounts to stash away more tax-free dollars.
  • He continues to participate in the Employee Stock Purchase Program (ESPP). By buying the shares at a discount, he can lock in a healthy gain if he chooses to.
  • He looks at Supplemental Life Insurance. He wants to make sure that if anything happens to him, he’ll still be able to contribute to their future. NVIDIA offers a great benefit of 2.5 times pay, and group rates provide affordable peace of mind.
  • He also bookmarks the Care.com website to find a reliable sitter for the kids. 

Married | 33 years old | Wants to start a family

“I want to buy a house, get my debt under control, and prepare for a new family member.”

Nicholas has been married for a year and already has a lot on his plate. He knows he should start saving for retirement, but he's earmarked all his extra money for a house down payment. He also has a mountain of student loans to pay off. Plus, he and his spouse are looking forward to starting a family. They enrolled in the NVIDIA HSA Plus medical plan. It has a lower premium and deductible (just in case they start their family sooner than expected), and they get $1,250 from NVIDIA in a Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for eligible medical expenses. But his wife knows that it’s never too early to start saving for their future, and even a little savings now can really add up. Plus, the company matches contributions. She encourages him to explore NVIDIA’s resources to help them meet all their goals.

What does Nicholas do?

  • He contacts a financial counselor through GuidanceResources to help him prioritize where to put his money—toward a house, student loans, or retirement.
  • He takes a peek at the benefits NVIDIA offers for families, like parental leave to bond with a new child.
  • He decides to open a 401(k) account and contribute just enough to get the NVIDIA matching dollars. Once he’s paid off his student loans, he’ll increase the amount to maximize his tax savings.
  • He looks into the Student Loan Repayment Program, which can provide up to $30,000 to help him pay off his student loans if he received his degree within the past three years.

Married | 48 years old | Three kids

“I want to balance my hectic schedule, while saving for retirement and my children’s college expenses.”

Tam has been with NVIDIA for most of her career. She covers her whole family on the NVIDIA PPO medical plan, and contributes 6% of her salary to her 401(k) Retirement Plan. She wants to continue to build wealth while also saving for her kids’ college education. But overall she feels her finances are in good shape. If only she could say that about her schedule.

What does Tam do?

  • She joins the Employee Stock Purchase Plan to take advantage of the 15% discount and sell her stock when the time is right.
  • She increases her 401(k) contribution from 6% to 8% to boost her pre-tax retirement savings.
  • She contacts Collegewise to confirm that her monthly contributions to her kids’ 529 College Savings plans are on track. She also checks out the other ways Collegewise can help prepare her family for school.
  • She looks into NVIDIA’s tuition reimbursement program. Once her kids are out of the house, she thinks it could be time for her to go back to school to increase her skills.
  • She also bookmarks the Care.com website to find a reliable sitter for the kids.