2022 Benefits: What’s New and Changing

Review your benefits to make sure you have what you need to take care of yourself and your loved ones

We’re committed to providing you choice and flexibility to make sure you have what you need—now and in the future.

We offer different plans for different stages of life, so you can select the coverage that works best for your needs now. Whether you’re early in your career, growing a family, nearing retirement, or somewhere in between, we support you. Learn more about specific benefits by watching a recording.

For 2022, we’ve focused on keeping healthcare costs as low as possible for you. As always, NVIDIA pays most of the expenses.

As COVID-19 continues to be a health concern, it’s important to know that NVIDIA provides coverage for you in case you or your covered loved ones get sick. Here's a list of benefits resources available to you and your family.

While this past year has been full of uncertainty and disruption, we encourage you to review the care you’ve received through the pandemic and make sure you’re up to date on routine preventive care visits and appropriate screenings. Prevention is the best medicine. Schedule your free wellness exam today.

2022 Changes and Enhancements


Here’s what’s changing: The Cigna PPO plan will see slightly increased paycheck contributions of $11–$32 a month.

Enrolling in the NVIDIA PPO will cost you slightly more per paycheck. All other medical plans are the same cost to you as in 2021. You can compare medical plan features and costs.

This is a great year to consider enrolling in a Health Savings Account (HSA) plan. Look closely at the NVIDIA HSA plans, which come with free money from NVIDIA toward your HSA contribution and a $0 per-paycheck option.

Here’s what to expect per paycheck if you enroll in the NVIDIA PPO Plan:

NVIDIA PPO Per-Paycheck Contributions

Exempt Employees
You Only


You + spouse


You + 1 child


You + 2 or more children


You + spouse + 1 child


You + spouse + 2 or more children

Non-Exempt Employees
You Only $83.08
You + spouse $151.38
You + 1 child $131.54
You + 2 or more children $189.69
You + spouse + 1 child $205.38
You + spouse + 2 or more children $243.69

A Big Addition to the Fertility Benefit

All NVIDIA employees already have access to FertilityIQ, a new benefit which provides data and educational resources to help you on your journey to becoming a parent. No matter what your family planning question is, FertilityIQ has a self-guided course or certified doctor to answer it. While we added FertilityIQ to better serve all employees, it’s especially helpful for addressing the unique needs of diverse families, like LGBTQ employees and those in domestic partnerships. And this complements your existing fertility benefits.

A Better Vision Benefit

We’re excited to introduce enhanced vision benefits with an increase of just $1 in your monthly paycheck contribution if you cover dependents.

  • NEW: Coverage for all members in VSP’s Computer VisionCare, including enhanced lenses and exams related to regular computer use.
  • NEW: Coverage for antireflective lenses and ultraviolet light protection.

Switching Up the Dental Plan

Our NVIDIA DHMO DeltaCare USA will continue to be an option for those currently enrolled, but it’s no longer available for new enrollment. If you’re enrolled in the NVIDIA DHMO DeltaCare USA right now, you can waive coverage, add or drop dependents, or switch to the NVIDIA Dental PPO plan.

Change to Your Life and AD&D Insurance If over Age 65

We’re improving the NVIDIA-provided and supplemental life and AD&D insurance benefit. Previously, your benefits through this plan decreased once you or your spouse/domestic partner reached 65 and thereafter. Beginning in 2022, your benefit will remain unchanged until age 70. You can find more information on the Benefits Enrollment Site.

Improved Hospital Indemnity Coverage

We’re improving our hospital indemnity plan by expanding the services eligible for coverage to include:

  • All childbirth-related hospital admissions
  • Treatment for mental illness and substance abuse in a hospital or inpatient care facility, even without prior hospitalization
  • Removal of the preexisting condition clause
  • Newborn nursery stays up to two days

Critical Illness

Beginning in 2022, the MetLife Critical Illness plan will cover 44 conditions, up from 22 previously. Generally, the plan pays a lump-sum amount if you experience a specific condition. It also pays 25% of the elected benefit amount if you’re hospitalized for at least five days due to COVID-19. Learn more here.

Coverage Through Your Spouse’s Medical Plan

If you’re covered through your spouse’s/domestic partner’s medical plan, you may not need to enroll in medical coverage with NVIDIA. Enrolling in multiple health plans is typically not recommended. The plans will need to coordinate to process each claim, which can take time and often leads to manual re-processing. Keep in mind that you may need to pay contributions for both plans, as well as meet deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums under both plans.

Additionally, the IRS does not allow you to enroll yourself or your spouse in our HSA medical plan if you are also enrolled in a non-high deductible health (HMO or PPO) plan through your spouse. For example, if your spouse already covers you and your family in his/her employer’s PPO plan. Because his/her plan is not a qualified High Deductible Health Plan you would not be eligible to contribute to NVIDIA’s HSA plan.

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