Prescription Benefits

NVIDIA’s medical plans include pharmacy benefits that cover generic, brand-name, preferred, and non-preferred brand medications. Prescriptions can be filled at retail pharmacies or by mail order, unless you’re a Kaiser member.

By spending just a few dollars less on your regular prescriptions, you can enjoy significant savings in the long run. Here are some tips for getting the greatest value on your prescriptions.

  1. Choose generics. If your doctor recommends or prescribes a brand-name drug, make sure to ask if there's a generic version. You can usually get a generic that's just as effective but less expensive.

  2. Use preferred brand names when you need a brand-name drug. The medical plans have a list of options that are usually less expensive than their equivalents. Ask your doctor for recommendations.

  3. Explore non-preferred brand-name options. You pay the highest portion of the cost, copay, or coinsurance for non-preferred drugs.

  4. Use mail order for drugs you take long-term. They usually contain a 90-day supply—saving you money while having them conveniently delivered to your home.

Remember: For HSA medical plans, the deductible applies to all prescriptions except preventive prescriptions, so you'll need to meet your deductible before the plan starts to share the cost for prescriptions. Once you've met the deductible, co-insurance will apply.


Cigna’s pharmacy benefits provide access to programs and services that help you manage your health and prescription medication needs. There are thousands of retail pharmacies in the network, including local pharmacies, grocery stores, retail chains, and wholesale warehouse stores. Visit the Cigna microsite to view the prescription drug lists covered under the plan.

myCigna App and Use these resources to access your prescription coverage. These tools will let you:

  • View which medications are covered
  • Access the Price a Medication tool to find out how much your medication costs and view lower-cost alternatives
  • Manage, track, order, and pay for your home-delivery prescription orders

Cigna 90 Now Program

This program makes it easy to fill maintenance medications by allowing you to get a 90-day supply of your medication through home delivery or select retail pharmacies.

Every pharmacy in the network can fill 30-day prescriptions and a select number of pharmacies can fill 90-day prescriptions. Remember that all 90-day prescriptions must be filled at an approved retail pharmacy or through a home-delivery pharmacy.

Home delivery is a convenient option when you’re taking a medication on a regular basis. With just a few clicks on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer, your medications will be on their way to your door. To learn more, visit the Cigna home-delivery pharmacy.

Preventive Medications

Healthcare reform requires plans to cover certain preventive medications at no cost without the need to meet a deductible. Preventive medications are meant to help prevent disease, as well as meet women’s unique healthcare needs. These medications require a prescription from your doctor–even for the over-the-counter products that are typically available without a prescription.

In addition to the healthcare reform preventive medications, HSA plan members have access to Cigna’s Preventive Medication Program for high-deductible health plans. Generic preventive drugs and products are provided at no cost and both preferred and non-preferred brand-name preventive drugs and products have a 10% cost share that won't apply to the deductible.

Prior Authorization

Certain medications require approval. The plan won’t cover these medications unless your doctor requests and receives approval from Cigna. This helps to ensure you’re receiving coverage for the right medication, at the right cost, in the right amount, and for the right situation.

Patient Assurance Program

This Cigna program helps lower your out-of-pocket costs for certain medications. There’s nothing to join and no cost to participate; it’s part of your Cigna pharmacy benefit.

Specialty Medications

If you take a specialty medication for a complex or chronic illness, you'll have to fill your prescription through Accredo. You need to enroll separately in this program, which provides additional resources, including help with insurance claims, financial assistance, and understanding side effects.

If you use a third-party copay assistance program–commonly known as a “manufacturer copay card”–any savings or rebates you receive from the drug manufacturer when you fill your prescription won't count toward your annual deductible or out-of-pocket maximum. Only what you pay out-of-pocket will apply. To learn more about Accredo or to enroll, visit Cigna Specialty Pharmacy or call 1-877-826-7657.

Fertility Medications

NVIDIA works in partnership with WIN to provide a comprehensive family-building benefit. To learn more, visit WIN or call 1-855-635-6450.


Kaiser prescription benefits are covered through Kaiser Pharmacy. You can fill prescriptions online at or via the Kaiser Permanente app. You can have your prescriptions delivered to your home or pick them up at a Kaiser pharmacy. Prescription cost is determined by the type of medication. To learn more, check out the pharmacy tile on the Kaiser Microsite.