Becoming Eligible For Medicare


Medicare has several parts that work together to provide you medical coverage in retirement. Full details are at, but here are the highlights of what each does.

Part A

Hospital Insurance

Covers inpatient stays and/or care in a skilled nursing facility.

Part B

Medical Insurance

Covers doctors visits, lab work, vaccinations, and other outpatient treatments.

Part C

Medicare Private Plans

Private insurance for hospital and medical care that supplements standard Parts A and B.

Part D

Prescription Drug Insurance

Covers prescription drugs.

Now What?

We know figuring out what to do next may feel overwhelming. Here are a few tips to guide your next steps.


If you have an HSA, make sure to contribute as long as you can. Once you enroll in Medicare, you can no longer contribute to your HSA or receive HSA contributions from NVIDIA.


A lot of Medicare information will be mailed to your home when your 65th birthday approaches. Be on the lookout, and read it carefully when it arrives.

Hold On

Save the official notice NVIDIA mails, called Notice of Creditable Coverage. You may need it if you decide to join a Medicare drug plan later.


Contact Care Counsel to talk through complicated scenarios, like when you should enroll in Part A, if you should enroll in Parts B—D, what happens when one spouse becomes eligible for Medicare while another is still working, and how Medicare and your NVIDIA benefits work together.

If you become Medicare eligible (reach age 65) while employed with NVIDIA, your benefits eligibility remains unchanged, and your NVIDIA medical plan remains the primary plan that processes and pays your health care claims.

If Your Domestic Partner Is or Turning 65

If your domestic partner continues medical coverage under NVIDIA, Medicare pays primary benefits. The NVIDIA plan pays secondary benefits regardless of whether your domestic partner enrolls in Medicare. This means that the NVIDIA medical plan will only pay secondary benefits after what Medicare would pay, regardless of whether your domestic partner is enrolled in Medicare. It’s highly recommended that your domestic partner enroll in Medicare upon eligibility so they receive the maximum coverage under both Medicare and the NVIDIA plan.

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