Getting Married Or Divorced

Navigate finances, legal issues, and benefits changes with help from NVIDIA programs. Getting married or divorced is a qualified life event that allows you to make changes to your benefits or beneficiaries.

Benefits Checklist

Within 31 days of getting married, divorced, or legally separated, be sure to:

  • Add your spouse to (or remove your spouse from) your medical plan and/or consider changing your medical plan.
  • Adjust your life insurance and update your beneficiaries.
  • Consider changing your HSA, FSA and 401(k) contributions.

Change Your Coverage, Dependents, And Beneficiaries

Getting married, divorced, or legally separated is considered a qualified life event, which allows you to change your benefits to reflect the changes in your family.

To see what benefit changes you can make and to enroll, go to the U.S. Benefits Enrollment Site.

You may also want to update the beneficiary for your life insurance, retirement plan, or Health Savings Account.

You can change your beneficiaries at any time.

Legal Help

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Protect What's Precious

NVIDIA offers a wide range of benefits that meet other needs you may have. You can purchase the following types of voluntary insurance to help cover unexpected expenses: