LGBTQ+ Support

One of our most important goals at NVIDIA is helping all employees reach their full potential. This means providing support through our values, policies, and benefits programs, which help foster an inclusive environment where different perspectives are welcomed, celebrated, and respected. 

Here, you’ll find some of the benefits available to NVIDIA LGBTQ+ employees and covered family members, including same- or opposite-gender spouses and domestic partners and their dependents. While these benefits are available to all employees, including non-LGBTQ+ individuals, these services are particularly important to this valued community.

When it comes to your health, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all. That’s why we offer several medical plans to choose from. 

Note that in-network preventive care is covered 100% under every NVIDIA medical plan.

In addition, we offer travel reimbursement for you and a companion for care that isn’t available nearby.

As an employee, you can decide which eligible family members to enroll in the plan. Same- or opposite-gender spouses and domestic partners are eligible to be enrolled, and everyone in the plan will have access to the same coverage for medical, prescription drug, and mental health services. These services include:

> 100% coverage for preventive care and annual screenings

> Prescribed medications, including PrEP

> Inpatient, outpatient, and virtual visits with medical and mental health professionals for:

          > Pregnancy and maternity support

          > Cancer support

          > Back, joint, and muscle care

          > Diabetes, hypertension, and weight issue support

          > Fertility support, including coverage for IVF without limit with in-network professionals

In addition, employees and family members enrolled in one of the Cigna health plans will be able to search for healthcare providers that have experience delivering inclusive care. Get all the details about what’s offered by visiting the Cigna site or calling Cigna One Guide, available 24/7/365, at 1-855-5-NVIDIA (1-855-568-4342).

We’ve worked with Cigna and Kaiser to ensure that all medically appropriate services will be considered eligible, regardless of the gender of the patient.

Additional benefits and guidance services are available for patients seeking gender affirmation support, including a Cigna Personal Gender Affirmation Champion. Learn more on the Gender Affirmation Support page.

Through our Well-Being offerings, you can find help with everyday challenges, boost your mental and physical health, and more. 

Check out these toolkits: 

> Self-assurance

> Mindfulness and relaxation

Gender affirmation is a positive life event and something we celebrate at NVIDIA. We provide a variety of resources and benefits to help you or your family member transition.

Those enrolled in one of the Cigna health plans will have access to a Personal Champion. They’ll  guide you, help you find a healthcare professional, understand your health plan’s coverage, and ensure smooth processing of your claims.

Services available through your health plan may include:

> Gender-affirming surgery and other surgical services 

> Travel and lodging

> Hair removal

> Speech therapy

> Hormone therapy visits and administration

> Required lab testing

> Behavioral counseling and mental health visits

> Routine medical care

In addition, our comprehensive leave of absence programs allow you to take the time you need away from work to take care of your health.

The decision to grow your family is a big one. During one of the most important moments in your life, we’re here to support you on whatever path you choose. Resources are available for adoption, fertility testing, IVF treatment, surrogacy, and more.

All NVIDIANs have access to FertilityIQ, which provides connections to resources created by expert clinicians that address specific situations such as:

> Fertility for lesbian women becoming moms

> Trans-masculine/feminine fertility

> Paths to parenthood for single and gay parents

We’re also pleased to offer surrogacy and adoption benefits to help grow your family. Through our partnership with WIN, NVIDIANs have access to expert clinical assistance to guide them throughout the adoption or surrogate journey. Once ready, you’ll be able to reimburse eligible expenses without a limit.

You have access to a complimentary Financial Concierge Team at Charles Schwab.

Meet one-on-one with a certified financial planner to get answers to general questions about investing or your personal situation.

If you’ve signed up for the LegalEASE benefit when you joined NVIDIA or during Open Enrollment, be sure to take advantage of the legal support available to help you with name change, estate planning, financial matters, real estate, and more.

NVIDIA strives to create and maintain a supportive work environment and provides reasonable accommodations for employees and applicants. 

Employees can review our Reasonable Accommodations policy on NVINFO to learn how to request ‌accommodations and what to expect from the process.

If you need help or more support, contact your manager, HR rep, or the Employee Resource Center. Be sure to visit the NV Pride site on NVINFO to learn more about events, activities, and ways to connect with NVIDIA’s community of LGBTQ+ employees and allies.